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The XX Transform™ Program

What is the XX Transform™ program?

The XX Transform™ program is a program for you if you which to elevate the appearance of your intimate parts to a higher level. The program uses precise surgical techniques, artistry and regenerative options to create the transformation.


The labia is sculpted surgically using precise surgical tools and techniques to create the desired look


The look is further enhanced using:

  • Addition of volume with fat, fillers or growth factors precisely placed in the correct places
  • Inner labia shaping using resurfacing technology

The overall look is further refined using :

  • Collagen stimulators to stimulate new collagen formation
  • Laser or radiofrequency treatments
  • Antioxidants and topical treatments to maintain the appearance

Who is a good candidate for the XX Transform™ program?

You are a candidate for this program if you want a physical transformation of your intimate parts and wish to:

  • Improve the look of your labia or vagina
  • Are seeing changes due to aging and hormonal changes
  • Improve tissue looseness and sagging
  • Want to reduce the size of your labia
  • Want to have the freedom to wear the clothes you want
  • Want to have the freedom to participate in activities that you want
  • Want to improve your self-confidence

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I won’t bore you to much with how it came to be…but like most, I was always self conscious of my stretched labia minora. I am an extremely private person, but I am paying it forward to encourage women with my experience that are considering this…I wish I would have done this sooner in life. Dr. Ong made me extremely comfortable although I was so nervous…it was as if this was an everyday conversation.
-Realself patient

From initial consultation, through surgery day and to follow up appointments, she has maintained a very warm, personable and professional demeanor. She has great bedside manner and has always made me feel as though I am in great hands. Dr. Ong thoroughly discussed and uncovered what results I was looking for, explained in depth what the procedure would entail, what I should expect the day of, as well as post-op recovery. With her clinic’s help and the attention to detail, I was fully prepared for the procedure and post-op care. I am now at 4 months post-op and the results of my surgery are phenomenal. I couldn’t be happier with the doctor that I chose for this sensitive procedure, the entire process, and the awesome results. Dr. Ong is a very skilled plastic surgeon that fosters trust and great relationships with her patients. Her staff is fantastic and helpful.
-Realself patient

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