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XX Revolution™: Self-created Freedom for the Modern Woman

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What is the XX Revolution™?

The XX Revolution™ signature programs Restore™ and Transform™ elevates YOU, the modern woman. The true purpose is to elevate your self-confidence, creating new life opportunities, and giving you the freedom to be the best version of yourself. We offer two different programs to suit your specific needs: Restore and Transform.

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Dr. Ong is a highly sought-after physician surgeon for female rejuvenation procedures and is a leader in the field of regenerative technology. Being a huge advocate for life and opportunities, the XX Revolution™ concept was brought together to serve as a roadmap for you, as you maneuver through the vast amounts of information overload and chaos caused by the beauty industry.

The XX Revolution™ brings matters down to the ground level and uses tested techniques and procedures that work. Our belief is that YOU, the modern woman, are ready to disrupt the status quo and make changes in matters that involve your intimate parts, the very parts that make you the woman that you are.

Based on Dr. Ong’s vast clinical experience as a physician, and utilizing the science of biochemistry and regenerative technologies in health, the program is aimed to solve the intimate concerns that you face, to prepare you for when the right moment presents itself.
The “right moment” defined as an opportunity to pursue something that would bring joy and self-fulfillment.

I visited 3 plastic surgeons before selecting Dr. Ong to perform my surgery. All were board-certified and highly rated on RealSelf, but I personally found that Dr. Ong was head and shoulders above the other two! Her office is welcoming and calm, and the staff is personable and very professional. Her approach to everything, from the original consultation to the final follow-up visit was caring and supportive. She was ready with options and suggestions, open and supportive of my preferences, and wholly skilled and professional through-out. I strongly recommend Dr. Ong -Pam S.

 The Xx™ Revolution signature programs

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