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The XX Restore™ Program

What Is The XX Restore™ Program?

This program is for you if you have experienced changes to your intimate parts as a result of normal aging or life-changing events.

  • Child-birth
  • Hormonal changes
  • Illness

Regenerative principles are the core of the XX Restore™ program

The combination of each individual process, applying technology in the right places and correct sequence has allowed for the delivery of a safe, and reliable way to reverse the changes after these life-changing events.


Initiate changes to restore the external appearance of the labia, rebuild the vaginal lining and tissue using radiofrequency or laser technology

Processes achieved during this step include:

  • Increase in blood flow
  • Initiation in the regeneration of collagen, elastin, and nerves

Use of growth factors to stimulate and further enhance the regenerative process leading to long-term results

Processes achieved during this step include:

  • Reduction of inflammatory processes to allow for regeneration
  • Recruitment of stem cells to the area to stimulate healing and creation of new cells
  • Production of new nerve connections

Once the process of healing and reversal have occurred, results can be maintained using supportive treatment options that complement the restorative process

This may include:

  • Home devices
  • Topical applications
  • Nutrient support
  • Hormonal support

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Who Is A Good Candidate For the XX Restore™ Program?

This program is well-suited for most women.  You are a candidate for this program if you are not happy with the status quo and wish to:

  • Restore your tissues after having a child, and plan to have more children
  • Have fun by participating in activities with your children
  • Improve vaginal moisture
  • Participate in sporting activities
  • Improve problems with urinary frequency or urgency
  • Have improved orgasms
  • Have improved vaginal tightness
  • Have painless sex
  • Reduce urinary tract infections
  • Tighten and improve the texture of your outer labia
  • Start a new relationship and have not been sexually active for some time

Patient Testimonials

I took a dance /exercise class last night and I jumped and skipped and hopped like a person without incontinence issues!!! Hard to believe there has been such a change in only 10 days. You are a God-send, if that’s even a word thank you so much!

First and foremost I had my consultation with Dr. Ong, her ease and comfort making me feel comfortable in a subject that seems to be not talked about often made me feel relaxed. Being a pioneer of the technique and a student of the founder of ThermiVA was also a big plus for me. I had my first treatment and to my surprise, I experienced immediate positive results! I give it a few more days, then a week and a month passed by and I did not lose even 1 drop of urine! My vaginal walls have tightened and I do have more sensitivity during sex. I have already referred one of my best friends to this amazing treatment and after her 1st treatment, she is having the same results as me! Now I’m telling all of my sisterhood who I know experience these same issues…There is help for us ladies and we are not alone!!!

There’s the day you fall in love, the day you get married, and of course the day you have your babies, all very special days … running a close second is the day you can jump up and down, cough, sneeze and laugh and not pee your pants!! ???? not peeing my pants ranks way up there after having my sons. Choosing thermiva is a personal and private decision and I, for one, was embarrassed to talk about “IT” My hope is that whoever is reading this and needs help …finds hope and help. There is help and we as women need to spread the word….. YOU are not alone.
SOOOO…join me in thanking God, the Stars, the universe, whoever you choose to thank, for being a woman, all these amazing gifts in our lives, Now, add the O SHOT and THERMIVA. Also, Dr. Ong and your amazing staff…….has truly been life changing for me
-Realself patient

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