Vaginal rejuvenation is becoming one of the fastest growing treatment options for women wanting functional and aesthetic improvements.

Prior to this, there were just not that many “options.” Now, with the advent of newer technologies, physicians, such as Dr. Cheri Ong, have the ability to offer treatment options for women facing changes with hormones, childbirth, genetics, and normal aging.


Surgical options, such as LabiaSculpt surgery, are becoming more popular, with women wanting aesthetic and functional improvements. These procedures have become more socially “acceptable” now, as women are more open to discuss their desires and are being more informed of options available to them.

There are now solutions for the concerns of stress urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness (atrophic vaginitis), and treatment of laxity: some of which are non-surgical with no downtime. Vaginal rejuvenation treatment options in the field of women’s sexual health have always lacked behind that of men. Treatments to regain sexual pleasure and confidence, such as enhancing clitoral and vaginal sensation, are now possible through energy-based devices, and treatments such as platelet-rich plasma, growth factors, and stem cells.

In addition, women have been confused on the subject of hormone replacement therapy: its indications and the myths behind them. Today, it is more important than ever that women seek the knowledge of which treatment option(s) might be best for their particular problem. Many women nowadays are “sold” on a device or procedure. Most often, it is the application of the technology and the combination of other treatment options that allow for the best outcomes. A consultation with an experienced physician to discuss all these aspects would allow you to determine which vaginal rejuvenation treatment option is right for you.


“I’m IN LOVE with my upgraded vagina! I got the full works [kitty facelift as I call it], and I couldn’t be happier. My overall self-esteem + confidence in the bedroom has skyrocketed. The best part Dr. Ong + the team [Alissa, Kirstin, Violet, + Lorene] are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Plus, every single part of the process have been well thought out. I loved leaving with a new goodie bag before, immediately after, + 6 weeks post-op [fun surprise]. They really thought about speeding up the healing process. The IV treatment 1 week post-op was super helpful as well. The 5 weeks of discomfort is worth a lifetime of confidence. Promise. Book a consult today!” – Ashley Perona

“To whom this review might help: I am 65 years old, I have had C-Sections, no vaginal births. I weigh 150lbs, I am in good health. I have gone to the same plastic surgeon for 22 years, and have had multiple procedures. This time I wanted to get a Labiaplasty and deal with incontinence issues. My regular plastic surgeon did not perform these procedures. So I started my quest and research for a female, Gynecologist, Plastic Surgeon. After reading reviews in several State, looking at many photos and interviewing several Surgeons, I chose Dr Cheri Ong and staff. They were the whole package and they surpassed my expectations! One of my main reasons I chose Dr Ong was her artistic abilities. Which I could see from her before and after photos. Also, Dr Ong used to preform breast surgery on Cancer patients. It’s one thing to preform breast surgery on virgin breast’s and quite another thing to work on other doctors work and compromised skin. An extra bonus was Dr Ong staff. They were very kind and patient with me, as I had so many questions. Another thing, Dr Ong is at that “Sweet Spot” of experience, not too new and inexperienced, not too old and set in their ways, not open to new techniques. I was very impressed with Dr Ong after care regiment. Healing in the vaginal region needs extra care, mainly because you have to use it, urinating, sitting, bending and squatting. It’s a must for faster recovery. It was an investment of money and time, but so worth it! I LOVE my new “Pretty Kitty” It’s a work of Art…like a Flower. 🌸 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸.” – Beverly Berger

“Dr. Ong and her staff are exceptional! I recently moved from Texas, so I wasn’t very familiar with surgeons in Phoenix. However, after doing some research and asking around to other local docs I was assured of Dr. Ong’s great reputation. I came to her for a labiaplasty and a cyst removal. I was extremely nervous! However, the desire to relieve myself of the constant discomfort outweighed my anxieties. During my initial consultation and examination, Dr. Ong actively listened to me, took detailed notes, answered all my questions, and provided me with a treatment plan for my needs and financial details of the surgery. This surgery is typically done in office with local anesthetic. However, with my high levels of anxiety she gave me the option to perform the surgery at a surgical center using general anesthesia. This is the route I took. Her staff provided me with a “possible cost estimate” for the surgery center (which is separate from Dr. Ong’s fees) and it turned out to be spot on… so I was happy that there were no financial surprises. Once we got my surgery scheduled, Dr. Ong put me on a supplement regimen to get me as healthy as possible for the surgery and make the recovery process easier. Pre-Op and Post-Op instructions were very detailed and included additional care, including antihistamine diet tips and supplements, lots of numbing cream (although I didn’t need to use very much), peptide and silver gel (the best!), body wash, and a post-opt IV drip to help speed up recovery. I believe that all the additional care Dr. Ong provides in addition to the surgery is what made the recovery process easy, painless, and a great overall experience. Furthermore, the surgery went very smooth and I woke up with no pain at all. If you are in discomfort and thinking about doing a labiaplasty, Dr. Ong is a trustworthy and wonderful doctor. Follow all her instructions and tips, relax, and use ice frequently to minimize smelling and your experience should be as great as mine. Dr. Ong schedules frequent follow up appointments, which I personally enjoyed because she explained exactly where I was in the healing process giving me comfort and knowledge. Dr. Ong TRULY cares about her patients. Her assistant, Alissa is wonderful and the front desk, Kristin is super sweet, friendly, and remarkably helpful. Violet brought me these yummy vitamin drinks when I was in the office and I just loved them. I highly recommend the Ong Institute for Plastic Surgery & Health, you will truly be in good hands. Thank you Dr. Ong for such a good experience during my Labiaplasty procedure and I am so happy with the results. :)” – Nicolette Spinks


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