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“Unusual Surgery for a 16 Year Old….”

“Unusual Surgery for a 16 Year Old….
This review is on behalf of my 16 year old daughter and is based on both of our experiences in navigating through a
sensitive surgery with Dr. Ong and her staff. After going through puberty, my daughter developed hypertrophy of the
labia minora. This is a condition in which the inner lips of the vagina are enlarged and extend past the outer lips.
There is no known cause and it is considered to be a normal anatomical difference akin to having one breast larger
than the other. In my daughter’s case, however, her inner lips extended well beyond her outer ones and as a result
caused significant discomfort for her. She experienced irritation in this area when engaging in physical activity as well
as from clothing itself. Prior to my daughter’s case, I didn’t even know that this anatomical difference existed, nor
that it had a name until I searched the web and found information on it. That is when I also discovered that there was
an option of having surgery to remedy it in cases where it caused significant distress for a person. In discussing this
option with my daughter, her immediate response was not only relief in knowing that this surgery existed but she was
also clear from the beginning that she wanted this surgery and that she was ready to have it. Needless to say, as a
mom, it was important for me to find out more about this surgery as well as find the right doctor, should we go the
route of surgery. It was important to me to find a doctor that could connect with my teenager and make her feel
comfortable with the sensitive nature of the surgery. My experience with Dr. Ong’s office staff, from the first phone
call forward, has been nothing short of A+ service. Not only do you get an actual staff member that answers your call
without going through any voice mail options, you also get to speak with a staff member that is knowledgeable,
professional, and efficient. Not only was I able to schedule an informative appointment within a few weeks but Dr.
Ong was on time for the appointment and the office environment was lovely! Her “bedside manner” was on point as
well. Dr. Ong was both professional and “down to earth” and communicated the information regarding the surgery in
a way that made my daughter feel comfortable. Dr. Ong’s pre and post protocol for surgery was very organized and
clear, with handouts on instructions and expectations. Her treatment plan also provided additional supplements
before and after surgery to make it a more comfortable experience, which exceeded the norm. Dr. Ong made herself
accessible after the surgery and follow up appointments have gone beyond expectation. The end result of my
daughter’s surgery turned out amazing and my daughter is so pleased with her decision to have this surgery. In
closing, I would not hesitate to refer Dr. Ong to anyone that is looking to have their surgery expectations exceeded!”


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