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I was getting worse and worse and more insecure

I was getting worse and worse and more insecure and upset when I laughed, coughed, ran, bent down, and many times with no rhyme or reason urinating. I started making fun of myself with my close girlfriends! After 3 years of it getting worse I looked into getting a bladder lift and started the process until my doctor told me about ThermiVA. The testimonials were all positive so I thought why not me?

First and foremost I had my consultation with Dr. Ong, her ease and comfort making me feel comfortable in a subject that seems to be not talked about often made me feel relaxed. Being a pioneer of the technique and a student of the founder of ThermiVA was also a big plus for me. I had my first treatment and to my surprise I experienced immediate positive results! I give it a few more days, then a week and a month passed by and I did not loose even 1 drop of urine! My vaginal walls have tightened and I do have more sensitivity during sex. I have already referred one of my best friends to this amazing treatment and after her 1st treatment she is having the same results as me! Now I’m telling all of my sisterhood who I know experience these same issues….There is help for us ladies and we are not alone!!! Dr. Ong and her staff are AMAZING!!!! DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY TO IMPROVE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE!!!

Thank you!
-Erin M

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