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Matt’s Story – NAD And Peptide Therapy

What can I say about Dr. Ong? She has been absolutely an answer to my prayers. The way that she has treated me through this program is beyond expectations. I had hopes as to how this would go, and the program and Dr. Ong have far exceeded what I could have ever imagined that this would be.

“I Am Extremely Pleased That I Chose To Have Dr. Ong Perform My Surgeries.”

My breast surgeon offered me the names of three plastic surgeons to consider for my reconstruction. While two of the surgeons were “in network” for my health plan, I felt most comfortable with Dr. Ong’s approach and style. Dr. Ong’s staff reassured me that the concierge service manages all of the communications with my insurance company. I can happily say that I have not had to pay anything out of pocket. And, I have not had to communicate with my insurance at all.

In addition, I am extremely pleased that I chose to have Dr. Ong perform my surgeries. Her focus is not just on the reconstruction of my breasts, but rather helping me become a healthy, whole person again after battling cancer. Having just completed chemotherapy, I’m now trying to get my health back. Dr. Ong continues to look at every aspect of my health and make recommendations for improvement, whether it’s seeing a lymphedema specialist or a physician who can evaluate my thyroid, and making suggestions about nutrition. Dr. Ong is always available to her patients and encourages open discussions about her patients’ concerns and goals.

– Monica

“Dr. Ong Was Such A Great Listener, Caring Understanding Professional And Reassured Me That Everything Was Going To Be Alright.”

I remember so well in February 2016 I received a call from my primary care doctor’s office that they received the results regarding my mammogram. I remember taking a deep breath and said “ok you can give me the results over the phone” the medical assistant said “no you need to come in the doctor needs to talk with you” I knew right then it wasn’t going to be good. I called my husband and said I would meet him at the doctor’s office. When the doctor came in I knew right away I had breast cancer just by looking at the expression on her face. I asked her is it bad? She said “IT IS you have breast cancer in both breasts.” I felt myself becoming faint I became light headed, I turned and looked at my husband and tears were running down his face, I knew I had to gather myself and be strong for the whole family, I reached out and put my hand on his leg and said it’s ok, it’s alright. He went through colon cancer and had surgery the previous year, we both were very confused about my diagnosis knowing that I had not felt any lumps, I had been tested every year, except last year I skipped, but I had been feeling just fine, that was the day I learned about calcifications, Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS).

We were both saddened by the news. Further test were needed Biopsy, MRI Scan, the final results of the test came back DCIS in the right breast. I felt numb and I just tried to remain calm, I really didn’t know what to do and where to start, all I could do was pray. I thought about my family I needed to let them know. When I called my daughter she immediately started researching, looking for the best doctors that knew the newest and greatest technology also who had the best reviews. I called my son he became very quiet, I reassured him mom was not going anywhere I was not going to die.

I was so relieved that my daughter took it upon herself to find me a doctor at the time I was so overwhelmed with emotion I felt my body mentally became tired. After much research my daughter gave me all the information on the surgeon she felt confident about, her name is Doctor Linda Liu in Scottsdale Arizona. Even though I lived in Queen Creek which is quite a ways from Scottsdale I knew in my gut she’s the one I didn’t care how far it was. After meeting Doctor Liu she answered all my questions and gave me options. She mentioned I can take out the bad tissue and put an implant in or have both breast removed and take out all tissue replace them with just an implant. I chose to have both removed, mastectomy because I was afraid the cancer could come back in around five years, it might not have but I didn’t want to take that chance.

Doctor Liu was very nice and put my mind at ease. She gave me a follow up appointment to see a plastic surgeon named Doctor Cheri Ong, her practice is also in Scottsdale, Arizona. When I met her I was a little emotional everything seemed to sink in and became real at this point. Doctor Ong was such a great listener, caring understanding professional and reassured me that everything was going to be alright. I was given choices to what type of desired look and size I preferred, Doctor Ong was very clear explaining all what the procedure entailed, she wanted me to be sure that I was happy with what decision I made regarding the choices I had.

The day arrived when It was time for me to have the surgery, from the time I registered up until I was admitted to my room everyone from the receptionist to the nursed told me I was in good hands, they said you know the call them the A TEAM, that was no surprised to me at all but it sure was nice to hear. I was anxious to get the operation over, I was introduced and met the nice anesthesiologist that made a joke or two and made me laugh, next thing I know I was out, I woke up in the hospital bed with my husband at my side, he smiled and said everything went beautifully, I smiled and said Thank God and drifted back to sleep. Recovery was a process, I made sure I followed my instructions, I returned back to work in six weeks. I’m so very pleased with the outcome. My breast look amazing definitely exceeded my expectations. When cancer entered my life it changed me in so many ways. I want to treat myself better and others, appreciating every moment making it count, living life to the fullest.

I appreciate both my doctors for being good listeners, giving me all the information I needed to make the right choice for me. I appreciate their giving of themselves to help women like me, the outcome exceeded my expectations. I’m forever grateful.

– Sheila

“I Knew From My Sister’s Previous Surgery With Dr. Ong, She Could Make Me Look And Feel Amazing.”

My mom was not famous, but to me, she was everything. She was the steady rock of our family. So when my mom was diagnosed with an aggressive form of inflammatory breast cancer in November 2004, my world crumbled. We were told she probably only had 6 months to live. My mom had a fighter mentality and went in with her fist in the air ready to give it her all. She underwent surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, scans, blood draws, doctor visits, procedures, shots, medication and more. Defying the odds, a year later, ‘regular breast cancer’ was found in her other breast.

Through it all, she spent time with family, encouraged others and was there to welcome 6 grandchildren. The kids kept her motivated and all loved her dearly. She fought with strength and grace, continuing to serve our family even in her pain. She never gave up and continued to be our rock. October 30, 2011, the Lord said it was time, and with the family there holding her in our arms, my precious momma passed away. The pain and the ache in my heart was something I could never describe. My hero was gone.

In the summer of 2015, my sister was diagnosed with DCIS, yet another 3rd type of breast cancer. This was a ‘good type of cancer to have’ but deciding to treat it aggressively, my sister had a double mastectomy with reconstruction performed by Dr. Ong.

In June 2016, during a routine visit with Dr. Liu, she informed me that due to my mom’s and sister’s history, my chance of getting breast cancer was 48.8%. I did not like this number. I was 34 years old, have an amazing husband and 4 young kids. I couldn’t lose it all to breast cancer. I didn’t want to go get a mammogram, ultrasound and MRI every 6 months for the rest of my life, waiting to see if this was the time I would get bad news. To make it worse, the imaging facility was next door to the hospice where my mom died.

So, I came to talk to Dr. Ong about what reconstruction would look like following a preventative double mastectomy. She sat with me for over an hour, talking about my health history and asked how I was doing mentally and emotionally. She listened, encouraged and gave me some things to think about in the decision making process. I knew from my sister’s previous surgery with Dr. Ong, she could make me look and feel amazing. With the support of my husband and family, I chose to have a preventative double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction in August of 2016. With the amazing skills and state of the art care given to me by Dr. Ong, my recovery time, healing and pain was manageable.

Dr. Ong closely monitored me and took great care of me into my recovery process. I was given a second chance. I am humbled to walk into a ‘cancer center’ for follow up, knowing that my pathology report was negative. I have sat there to hear heart wrenching news, so I do not take for granted the days of health and love I have been given. In the continued grief process of my mom, I am sad, but no longer have to fear that I will be next to hear the words ‘breast cancer.’ Instead, I can live enjoying my husband and children knowing that I made decisions to protect us all from agony of breast cancer.

My second chance allows me to dream big for the future and wait to see what it will hold.

– Hayley & Susan



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