Below, you’ll find genuine testimonials from our patients. At The Ong Institute, we believe that hearing directly from those who have experienced our compassionate care and expertise can offer valuable perspectives and guide you in making informed health decisions. Our patients’ stories are a testament to the trust and excellence that define our practice.

I cannot express enough how highly I recommend Dr. Ong and her dedicated team at their clinic. The ozone therapy, methylene blue treatments, and EBOO sessions have been transformative for me. If you are seeking effective and innovative treatments, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Ong and her team.
— Elaine

I have tried so many modalities to heal my body and nothing has made the kind of difference that EBOO has! Every round was dramatically better! Thanks team!
— Danica Patrick

The Ong Institute has changed my life. My experiences with my health were taken seriously and Dr. Ong was incredibly thorough with her analysis of test results. Dr. Ong and her wonderful staff are following along with me every step and I feel like I’m finally back to myself.
— Holly F.

Have COVID for the first time… Dr. Ong and her team put a treatment plan together for me and I was given an EBOO treatment. Within a matter of hours I could feel the treatment was working. Dr. Ong is caring, kind and very detailed and in my opinion wise beyond her years!
— Kelley C.

I’m IN LOVE with my upgraded vagina! My overall self-esteem + confidence in the bedroom has skyrocketed. The IV treatment 1 week post-op was super helpful. The 5 weeks of discomfort is worth a lifetime of confidence. Promise.
— Ashley Perona

My experience at the Ong Institute was nothing short of phenomenal. Dr. Ong and her team attended to my personal needs with such precision and warmth that I felt like royalty. I wholeheartedly recommend the Ong Institute.
— Peter C.

These treatments/programs [EBOO treatments, ozone therapy] have significantly improved my health and have also changed my mindset on how to approach healing. I highly recommend reaching out to see if Dr. Ong and her team can help you!
— Nicole Z.

I am 65 years old, I have had C-Sections, no vaginal births. One of my main reasons I chose Dr. Ong was her artistic abilities, which I could see from her before and after photos. Dr. Ong is at that “Sweet Spot” of experience, not too new and inexperienced. I was very impressed with Dr. Ong’s after care regiment. 
— Beverly B.

Dr. Ong and her staff are exceptional! I came to her for a labiaplasty and a cyst removal. Dr. Ong actively listened to me, took detailed notes, answered all my questions, and provided me with a treatment plan for my needs and financial details of the surgery. I highly recommend the Ong Institute, you will truly be in good hands.
— Nicolette S.

If I could give Dr. Ong and her staff 6/5 stars, I would. Not only is Dr. Ong a talented surgeon, but she also has the friendliest staff. Highly recommend.
— Alex Z.



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