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Patient Testimonials

“The peptide treatments helped me tremendously…”

I wanted to let you know that the peptide treatments helped me tremendously in such a short amount of time. Not only did it help me to sleep better, have more energy, but it also made me alert during the day with no side effects. I would recommend this to those with these symptoms as I was able to get back in the "swing" of things after the treatment. Thank you so much for your attention to detail in my health issues.

– Sonia
Women's Health in Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ

“Unusual Surgery for a 16 Year Old….”

"Unusual Surgery for a 16 Year Old.... This review is on behalf of my 16 year old daughter and is based on both of our experiences in navigating through a sensitive surgery with Dr. Ong and her staff. After going through puberty, my daughter developed hypertrophy of the labia minora. This is a condition in which the inner lips of the vagina are enlarged and extend past the outer lips. There is no known cause and it is considered to be a normal anatomical difference akin to having one breast larger than the other. In my daughter's case, however, her inner lips extended well beyond her outer ones and as a result caused significant discomfort for her. She experienced irritation in this area when engaging in physical activity as well as from clothing itself. Prior to my daughter's case, I didn't even know that this anatomical difference existed, nor that it had a name until I searched the web and found information on it. That is when I also discovered that there was an option of having surgery to remedy it in cases where it caused significant distress for a person. In discussing this option with my daughter, her immediate response was not only relief in knowing that this surgery existed but she was also clear from the beginning that she wanted this surgery and that she was ready to have it. Needless to say, as a mom, it was important for me to find out more about this surgery as well as find the right doctor, should we go the route of surgery. It was important to me to find a doctor that could connect with my teenager and make her feel comfortable with the sensitive nature of the surgery. My experience with Dr. Ong's office staff, from the first phone call forward, has been nothing short of A+ service. Not only do you get an actual staff member that answers your call without going through any voice mail options, you also get to speak with a staff member that is knowledgeable, professional, and efficient. Not only was I able to schedule an informative appointment within a few weeks but Dr. Ong was on time for the appointment and the office environment was lovely! Her "bedside manner" was on point as well. Dr. Ong was both professional and "down to earth" and communicated the information regarding the surgery in a way that made my daughter feel comfortable. Dr. Ong's pre and post protocol for surgery was very organized and clear, with handouts on instructions and expectations. Her treatment plan also provided additional supplements before and after surgery to make it a more comfortable experience, which exceeded the norm. Dr. Ong made herself accessible after the surgery and follow up appointments have gone beyond expectation. The end result of my daughter's surgery turned out amazing and my daughter is so pleased with her decision to have this surgery. In closing, I would not hesitate to refer Dr. Ong to anyone that is looking to have their surgery expectations exceeded!"

Female Rejuvenation in Scottsdale AZ and Phoenix AZ

“Not only have the treatments worked for me, but they FAR exceeded any expectations”

I visited the Ong Institute inquiring about NAD and it’s benefits. Dr. Ong offered me the potential to make significant changes to my health, my routine and thus my life overall. Not only have the treatments worked for me, but they FAR exceeded any expectations I had going into the program. I’ve spent 4+ years seeking treatment at top hospitals around the country, all using prescription medications to treat me for seizures and a severe sleep disorder. Nothing has worked until now. Thanks to Dr. Ong and these treatments I will be getting my life back to normal!

– Matt L.
Women's Health in Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ

“I was very comfortable with my experiences”

Dr.Ong and her staff are amazing. I was very comfortable with my experiences. They are all polite and professional. Office is spotless and very classy. I would highly recommend Dr.Ong to friends and family, shes a great Dr. and knows what she is doing!

– Alexis C.
Female Rejuvenation Complete | Scottsdale, AZ

“I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Ong and her entire team”

I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Ong and her entire team. From the initial consultation, I knew leaving the office that I was confident that I found the right surgeon for me. Dr. Ong discussed all of my options and made me feel comfortable with the entire process. I have a medical background myself, so I can say I was extremely impressed with her bedside manner and the way she explained the procedure. After the procedure when I had questions about healing, she responded quickly via phone on a Saturday afternoon and answered my questions. There were plenty of follow up visits after with Dr. Ong to check in with me and the healing process as well. I am so impressed with my results and will recommend Dr. Ong to anyone that has always wanted a cosmetic surgery, but never felt comfortable enough to go through with it. The staff is also great. Alex from Client Relations works very closely with Dr. Ong and helps you throughout the entire process and checks in and follows up as well! Thank you Dr. Ong and staff!

– Marie
Female Rejuvenation Complete | Scottsdale, AZ

“I had complete confidence in her ability and her desire to give me the best results possible”

Dr. Ong is warm, empathetic and listens! She paid close attention to my concerns and desired outcome while keeping the medical side in mind. After several consultations with Dr. Ong, I had complete confidence in her ability and her desire to give me the best results possible. Six weeks out from surgery I feel like Goldilocks who has “just the right” size breasts for my mental image and body frame. Dr. Ong is brilliant but remains very personable and approachable. I could not recommend her more highly for any female issue.

– Susan V.
Aesthetic Breast Surgery Complete | Scottsdale, AZ

“It was easy to find, and from start to finish it was a remarkable experience”

First and foremost, I would like to begin by saying if you’re looking for an amazing doctor and team, look no further! As someone who had previously selected a doctor before finding Dr. Ong, and then having my selected doctor retire and not finding out until two months after, it truly was a blessing in disguise. Needless to say, I got a refund from my first chosen doctor and began to thoroughly research again. After setting up multiple consultations and having previously been to plenty, I finally got to the day of my consult at the Ong Institute. It was easy to find, and from start to finish it was a remarkable experience. From the moment you walk in, you see a beautifully designed office and are greeted by the friendliest staff. The moment I met Dr. Ong I felt it in my gut that she was truly passionate about helping others live their best life. She was organized, exceptionally educated, listened to ALL concerns/desires, never once made me feel rushed, and was completely thorough and honest with what to expect pre-op and post-op. She and her staff felt like a family rather than just any plastic surgery office. During the actual procedure, she was attentive, made sure I was comfortable and asked if I needed anything throughout. The very next day was my first follow up which again was a great experience. She was kind and demonstrated great bedside manner. Now two weeks later, I’ve had some normal concerns and about pain and healing and Dr. Ong and her staff have been available every step of the way either via email or phone call. Never once have they made me feel like my concerns were insignificant. Having my procedure was something I’ve wanted for quite some time, and I couldn’t have found a better surgeon than Dr. Cheri Ong!

– Corey M.
Female Rejuvenation Complete | Scottsdale, AZ

“Dr. Ong is so knowledgeable when it comes to cell function and how our body’s function”

Dr. Ong and her staff are the best in the valley...Dr. Ong is so knowledgeable when it comes to cell function and how our body's function at their best. Since I joined the membership program and started getting the Vitamin IV's, I feel so much better. I highly recommend Ong Institute.

– Lori E.
Women's Health in Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ

“Ong Institute is a professional, warm welcoming office with knowledgeable staff”

Ong Institute is a professional, warm welcoming office with knowledgeable staff and an amazing plastic surgeon. Going to them for reasons and a procedure that isn't so comfortable. I felt nothing bit respected and comfortable! I have nothing but great things to say about Doctor Ong and her staff, they truly changed my life!

– Emily M.
Female Rejuvenation Complete | Scottsdale, AZ

“I highly recommend coming here first to see how amazing their service is”

I went in for my consultation and instantly was greeted by Alex, the front desk admin. She knew my chart really well and discussed the details. Then I met Dr. Ong. She thoroughly went through all of my questions and examination. I highly recommend coming here first to see how amazing their service is.

– Sophi H.
Aesthetic Breast Surgery Complete | Scottsdale, AZ

“Will be back for additional treatments”

Great experience with Dr. Ong and her services. Will be back for additional treatments for various things. She and her staff are wonderful.

– Denise W.
Female Rejuvenation Complete | Scottsdale, AZ

“She excels at communication!”

Dr. Ong is a brilliant surgeon, and I still cannot believe how beautiful she was able to recreate my breasts after a bilateral mastectomy. Alex, her assistant, is extremely knowledgeable and literally gets right back to you, when you have a question. She excels at communication! Both Dr. Ong and Alex are also very kind.

– Ann R.
Breast Reconstruction Complete | Scottsdale, AZ

“The journey can be hard to accept but having you in our corner is truly a gift.”

When patients decide that you are their doc when going through a really tough time in their lives and getting your expertise in making them feel whole again, can be a slippery slope. But they are in good hands. We had a bumpy road for over a year. But I always felt that you treated me as a friend/family member. You have no idea how you helped me through the obstacles regarding my previously radiated skin from 2009. I am forever grateful that you have inspired me to move forward with my life.

– Ginny L

The appearance is a plus, but the pain relief is a Godsend!

"Dr. Ong, thank you once again for what you have done for my quality of life. It sounds a little dramatic, but the pain that I was in for my neck and back was a daily, constant chronic problem. I should have listened to the doctor that I saw years ago when he also suggested that I get a breast reduction to relieve the stress of my degenerative disease. Thank you again, the appearance is a plus, but the pain relief is a Godsend!" - Belinda P.

I’m 76 years old and the results are amazing!

"Dr. Ong and her staff were wonderful. I had the vampire facelift as well as filler and Botox. I’m 76 years old and the results are amazing. The texture of my skin is dramatically improved and I no longer have the depressions beneath my eyes which gave me a tired look. She’s amazing!"

- Linda

“They will take great care of you!”

Dr. Ong was my plastic surgeon October 2016 performed Oncoplastic breast reduction with Dr. Linda Lui after a lumpectomy. Dr Ong and her team took GREAT care of me. After my surgery, during my chemo and through my radiation therapy. I would highly recommend her. She took time to talk to me, made sure that I was taking care of myself and was in communication with my oncologist and radiation oncologist. They will take Great care of you!

- Luann B.

“I recommend everyone to try it. It will change your life.”

"NAD has been the best experience for me. I feel healthier and with more energy. NAD has changed me for the better. It has given me clarity and given me motivation. I recommend everyone to try it. It will change your life."

- M. Bernabe

“Life changing! Thank you so much Dr. Ong…”

"I did the NAD therapy too! At first I felt a little better and I just thought maybe it didn't work as well for me as it did for others. It's been 2 weeks and I feel fantastic! I don't sleep all day anymore and the fogginess in my head is completely clear! Life changing! Thank you so much Dr. Ong for caring about my health and well being besides being an amazing surgeon! And I can't thank you enough for coming home early from doing surgeries in California to operate on me yesterday! I feel very blessed to be in your care."

- S. Ricketts

“Her approach to everything, from the original consultation to the final follow-up visit was caring and supportive.”

I visited 3 plastic surgeons before selecting Dr. Ong to perform my surgery. All were board-certified and highly rated on RealSelf, but I personally found that Dr. Ong was head and shoulders above the other two! Her office is welcoming and calm, and the staff is personable and very professional. Her approach to everything, from the original consultation to the final follow-up visit was caring and supportive. She was ready with options and suggestions, open and supportive of my preferences, and wholly skilled and professional through-out. I strongly recommend Dr. Ong!

- Pam

“You can never go wrong with Dr. Ong!”

Dr. Ong has been my plastic surgeon in conjunction with a double mastectomy and during the subsequent 2+ months of breast reconstruction. Not only is she an excellent surgeon, but a sensitive, thoughtful and caring companion on a complex journey of psychological and physical adjustment. I was actually looking forward to my weekly appointments. Her office is bright, spacious, and beautifully designed, a place of (quite literal) re-creation, her staff welcoming, always helpful and prompt in returning my calls with questions to the doctor. I always felt absolutely safe with Dr. Ong, her assistant and the staff at the front desk. Moreover, I deeply appreciated Dr. Ong’s holistic approach to treatment that included amazingly reenergizing vitamin infusions, organic supplements, a most effective radiation therapy ointment, RadX and, perhaps most importantly, her understanding of a patient’s overall vulnerabilities at every stage in the process. Toward the end of my 5 week radiation period Dr. Ong prevented a potentially serious infection in the breast that was not irradiated by her very early discovery and thoroughly explained and then quick decision (between drainage and surgery) to operate, thoroughly clean out the area and replace the implant. It was the absolutely right decision. Last, but not least, Dr. Ong’s implants are a definite improvement over my “original” 74 year old breasts. She is a classic sculptor! I will miss talking to her, learning from her.

- Dr. Gitta

“Could not be happier with the results”

Many thanks to you for caring so greatly about me and my situation. I am so grateful to have you as my surgeon and could not be happier with the results. You and your staff are very appreciated and I feel very blessed to have been under your care.

- Cindy

“I had such success with the Ong institute”

Dr. Ong, and her staff are excellent. They are so professional, and caring. Since, Dr. Ong is a pioneer in ThermiVa, I thought I would give it a try. I'm a 67 yr. old woman. Sexual relations were very painful. With the O shot, I could not believe the improvement, and it keeps getting better! It is amazing!! I had such success with the Ong institute, that I also had the Vampire Facial. My skin looks so much smoother, and pores smaller. Again, well worth it!! A great find!!

- J.E.

“You are a God-send”

Good morning Dr Ong, I wanted to tell you how extremely happy I am with my Thermiva treatment so far. I took a dance /exercise class last night and I jumped and skipped and hopped like a person without incontinence issues!!! Hard to believe there has been such a change in only 10 days. You are a God-send, if that's even a word 😊 thank you so much!

- Cindy

“She takes her time explaining things to me… “

I was diagnosed in January with Stage 2 Invasive Lobular Carcinoma Breast Cancer. Both my family doctor and my surgeon recommended that I set up an appointment with Dr. Ong. I knew that a mastectomy was best for me. But wasn't sure which course of action I should take after that. Dr. Ong has been very informative. She makes me feel very comfortable. She takes her time explaining things to me so I understand my options. She's a great listener. I never felt like she's rushing to see her next patient. I chose to have reconstructive surgery and have been very pleased with the results! Thank you Dr. Ong for helping me through this difficult time in my life.

- J. Wallis

“… someone who genuinely cares about her patients’ well-being.”

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2015 . Wanting to be prepared, I immediately began researching and putting together a team of doctors and surgeons in the Scottsdale area that I felt would be best suited to my personality and needs. After meeting with several plastic surgeons, I knew immediately after meeting with Dr. Ong that I wanted to work with her, and it turns out to be one of the best decisions I could have made. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to Dr. Ong for helping me through my surgery and recovery, and proved tome that I absolutely made the best decision to work with her. Not only is she an amazing surgeon, but someone who genuinely cares about her patients' well-being. I couldn't be happier and more satisfied with the outcome of my breast reconstruction, and the fact that I was able to focus my energies toward healing without stressing or worrying about the financial implications, as that burden was taken from me by Dr. Ong's team.

- M.T. Barbagallo

“Thank you for your professionalism and kindness”

Dr. Ong, I want to thank you so much for all you have done for me. I understand what a major surgery I had. Thank you for your professionalism and kindness throughout and still ongoing concerning my care. Thank you again.

- Tina

“Great listener, caring, understanding, professional”

Doctor Ong was such a great listener, caring, understanding, professional and reassured me that everything was going to be alright. Doctor Ong was very clear explaining all what the procedure entailed, she wanted me to be sure that I was happy with what decision I made regarding the choices I had.

- Sheila

“She has remained true to her word”

Initially because she was not contracted with my health insurance I went with another doctor who was to continue my care, but was not satisfied as I ended up in emergency. I had emergency contact Dr. Ong as she was my original reconstructive surgeon. Dr. Ong was called and she came in to care for me. I explained why I went with another doctor and in my conversation with Dr. Ong, was told not to worry since she was out of network, that she would bill my insurance and not to worry about the financial burden that I would have going out of network. This had helped my stress level tremendously and my care of not having to worry about the financial aspect of it and to not have to find another doctor that is in my network and not get the care that I would with Dr. Ong…she has remained true to her word.

- Leila

“I would highly recommend Dr. Ong”

In September I was diagnosed with breast cancer and as a result had a bilateral mastectomy. Dr. Cheri Ong assisted my breast surgeon and did the preparation for reconstructive surgery to follow later. I am very happy with the outcome of the reconstruction, particularly the visual aspect. I would highly recommend Dr. Ong. You will certainly appreciate her sensitivity, talent and dedication to providing you with the best care. An extraordinary woman. I felt so confident being under her care.

- Penny G. - Paradise Valley, AZ

“I found Dr. Ong and staff to be very personable, friendly, and professional”

I was referred for Breast Reduction Surgery. I found Dr. Ong and staff to be very personable, friendly, and professional. She was very diligent in explaining the process and expectations. I had my surgery within 4 weeks of my consultation and it went great! I was expecting my recovery to be very painful and was quite surprised when I didn't experience ANY pain. After the first day, I did not need to take any pain medication. I am still healing but so far, everything is great!

- C.L. - Scottsdale, AZ

“I couldn’t be happier with my outcome”

I couldn't be happier with my outcome. After 2/3 very bad surgeries to make my healthy breast match the one that was removed, I had pretty much given up of them ever looking normal and actually matching. My oncologist, Doctor Kato had highly recommended Doctor Ong, oh did I luck out!! She is beyond amazing, professional and kind, with a staff to match. I'm beyond impressed, my surgery was 3 days ago, she took the bandages off today and I'm so very pleased. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

- M. Mac - Fountain Hills, AZ

“Every medical professional who sees Dr. Ong’s work wants to know who did it because it’s so exceptional”

Dr. Ong performed the reconstruction from my bilateral mastectomy. She and her team supported me through the entire process and the end result is beautiful. I am forever grateful for the time they spent with me explaining the surgeries and setting expectations. I couldn’t be happier with the results from my reconstruction surgery. If that weren’t enough, every medical professional who sees Dr. Ong’s work wants to know who did it because it’s so exceptional!

- Ann S. - Phoenix, AZ

“Other physicians spoke highly of her and her work”

Dr. Ong recently performed the reconstruction after my bilateral mastectomy. During my initial consult, Dr. Ong was very informative about the procedure but also spend time discussing my current mental and emotional well-being. Dr. Ong's was holistic in my medical care and also gave me the most current and state of the art treatment. My other physicians also spoke highly of her and her work. Thank you for everything Dr. Ong! I am so thankful for you and your team!

- Hayley - Gilbert, AZ

“Compassionate professional through a difficult time in my life”

Dr. Cheri Ong has been a compassionate professional through a difficult time in my life. I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in December 2015. Dr. Ong instantly put me at ease. I knew the moment I met her I had found my surgeon! Dr. Ong is an expert in her field, she educated me well about my surgery and did a beautiful job. My husband and I are both thrilled with my reconstruction.

- L. Alexander

“I look like a new person”

After 2/3 botched surgeries after my mastectomy I had pretty much given up on being fixed, I was referred by my oncologist probably 2 years ago and put it off. 
Boy, did I get lucky with Doctor Ong!!! 
She performed surgery this past Tues, bandages came off today & I look like a new person, I am so very pleased & very grateful. Thank you so much!! Nothing short of a miracle.

- M. McKenzie

“I love working with her”

Dr. Ong was referred to me for breast cancer lumpectomy reconstruction and I have then gone on to have a few more procedures with her. I love working with her. She listens, thinks things through and helped guide me to make the right decisions. She calls to follow up and really cares about her patients, research and new techniques. Strongly recommend.

- L. Kahn

“Takes the time to educate and inform you of any procedure or natural ways to continue to keep you healthy”

I met Dr. Ong at the Virginia Piper Cancer Center for a Breast Cancer Awareness event. 
She is one of those Doctors who genuinely cares for her patients (new or existing). She takes the time to educate and inform you of any procedure or natural ways to continue to keep you healthy. 
I'll be back to use some of her other services in the near future.

- D. Jayne

“Wonderful, compassionate and skilled reconstructive surgeon”

I worked with Dr. Ong for a short while and in that time, realized what a wonderful, compassionate and skilled reconstructive surgeon she is. She takes great care to get to know her patients and help them on the path to wellness. I work for a plastic surgery practice and all breast reconstruction patients are referred to Dr. Cheri Ong because she really cares and makes a difference in her patients’ lives and their family's lives.

- M. Johnson


I first had a consultation with Dr. Ong. She went over the procedure, and what it entailed. She was well-spoken, took her time with me, and answered my questions. I went to see Dr. Ong, because after having five children, I had a prolapsed uterus. After only the first treatment, (the series includes 3 treatments), the pressure from the prolapse was gone, and my internal muscles were tighter. It is now easier, and more efficient to practice Kegal exercises. The treatment only takes a half hour, and there is no pain or downtime at all.

- Nitmard

I Never Had an Orgasm, Didn’t Even Know if I Had a G- Spot.

After I had my first child my labia was torn and uneven and I was never happy with how it looked. I also never liked that I had never had an orgasm, and I didn't even know if I had a g-spot; even clitoral orgasms took me a long time. My friend had told me about ThermiVa that Dr. Ong was doing and I called and scheduled a consultation that day. When I met with her, she was so kind and didn't make me feel uncomfortable at all. She thoroughly went over how this procedure would benefit me and I knew it was the right thing for me. I scheduled for three procedures, starting two weeks later. I have had two of them done now, each one about 30 minutes. As for appearance, my labia is even now, finally (yay), but on my last appt I'll have her work a little more, finishing touches shall I say :-)! As for orgasms, haven't had one yet, so close, but I finally know I have a g-spot!! There is strong sensation there, but think I might focus too much, or its my nerves, but I am so happy. And, It's only been 2 weeks too since I had my second procedure. It also feels tighter too. My husband notices a big difference. We never had problems there before, but he says it feels really tight around him and more friction. He's happy! Also, around my clitoris, there is definitely more sensation. My orgasms are much faster and more intense. She had said she was going to wake up the nerves with the probe, and they must have jumped out of bed (lol) because there is a difference! Dr. Ong is amazing and I recommend her for this procedure to everyone. She makes you feel so comfortable and she knows what she's doing!! Dr. Ong is amazing. She is caring and understanding. She really listened to what I was unhappy with and is doing everything she can to see that she can take care of it the best she can. She makes me feel relaxed and comfortable. I am going to recommend her and this procedure to everyone.

- kjec1234

I was getting worse and worse and more insecure

I was getting worse and worse and more insecure and upset when I laughed, coughed, ran, bent down, and many times with no rhyme or reason urinating. I started making fun of myself with my close girlfriends! After 3 years of it getting worse I looked into getting a bladder lift and started the process until my doctor told me about ThermiVA. The testimonials were all positive so I thought why not me? First and foremost I had my consultation with Dr. Ong, her ease and comfort making me feel comfortable in a subject that seems to be not talked about often made me feel relaxed. Being a pioneer of the technique and a student of the founder of ThermiVA was also a big plus for me. I had my first treatment and to my surprise I experienced immediate positive results! I give it a few more days, then a week and a month passed by and I did not loose even 1 drop of urine! My vaginal walls have tightened and I do have more sensitivity during sex. I have already referred one of my best friends to this amazing treatment and after her 1st treatment she is having the same results as me! Now I'm telling all of my sisterhood who I know experience these same issues....There is help for us ladies and we are not alone!!! Dr. Ong and her staff are AMAZING!!!! DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY TO IMPROVE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE!!!

Thank you! -Erin M

ThermiVa Was Awesome

After 3 vaginal births and complicated health issues, my 57 year old vagina had seen better days. It was so loose and lips were hanging... I wanted to find an improvement and I did thanks to Dr. Ong. The procedure is painless, no downtime, and Dr Ong was awesome. I had 3 treatments and there were improvements a few weeks after each one. I believe Dr. Ong is a brave pioneer in her commitment to helping us women.

- mbc13

ThermiVa for 46 Year Old

I am 46 years old and have had 3 natural childbirths. I wanted to "tighten" things up without invasive surgery. I was lucky enough to find Dr. Ong in Scottsdale. ThermiVa was painless, fast (maybe 1/2 hour, 3 different sessions) and life changing. I feel like I have my "youth" back. I was entering pre menopause. This is by far the best thing I have done. Along with the change in appearance, the inside has " tightened" up (my husband noticed a big difference. I would HIGHLY recommend this procedure and Dr. Ong. Dr. Ong and her staff were very pleasant and professional. Dr. Ong makes you feel comfortable and is very knowledgeable in this field.

- sludwig

The New Beauty Treatment

Professional, pleasant staff. Cool and serene setting. Dr. Ong does the procedure. The visible results are instant and stunning. I couldn't believe how wonderful, easy and totally pain-free this is. I have never been as thrilled with any other purchase! I haven't even checked out the inside benefits. I recommend this to everyone. Completely professional. She is confident and calming and puts you at ease. That's very important in such a new and intimate procedure. She answered all my questions. We proceeded and in 30 min. We were done.

- Marshaline

Amazing Vampire Facial

I had the best Vampire Facial performed by Dr. Cheri Ong at The Ong Institute for Plastic Surgery! I had absolutely no idea what was about to happen during this facial. However, Dr. Ong educated me prior, during, and after this procedure. She made me feel so comfortable. My skin looks & feels great! Her entire team of professionals were very helpful in answering all my questions as well.

- djayne66

Excellent doctor who is Kind, Sincere, Skilled and Knowledgeable

From the moment you meet Dr. Ong, she will make you feel completely at ease and given the nature of some of the treatments, this is SO important! I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone! I have two more treatments to go and I was so nervous for the first, but after having it with Dr. Ong, I realized she was the perfect doctor to administer it...kind, sincere, understanding, took more than enough time before, during, and after the treatment to help me feel at ease through the whole process...and the treatment WORKS!!! If you want some of your youth restored in the most intimate of places GO SEE DR ONG!!! I am actually looking forward to the other treatments to see my final results! 🙂

- peasfulmama

Breast Reconstruction – Highly Recommend

I would strongly recommend Dr. Ong, she is on top of the latest technology and techniques, cares about her patients and is great to work with as is her staff. Not only did she take care of my breast cancer reconstruction but also introduced me to some cutting edge facial treatments to make me look lots younger, without going under! Very smart! Good listener.

Excellent ThermiVa Results with Dr. Ong

I was lucky enough to find the very talented Dr. Ong while doing some research on ThermiVa on Realself. I subsequently discovered that Dr. Ong is the "AZ ThermiVa Pioneer" as she was the first physician in the state to offer this procedure. Trust me ladies, ThermiVa is a life changer. I saw results after my first 30 minute treatment (1 of 3) with no down time nor side effects. If you're looking for a noninvasive option to bring back the younger days of your sex life - improved tightness, increased lubrication, improved orgasms - ThermiVa and Dr. Ong are a must!

- jshu

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