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SkinCeuticals® in Scottsdale & Phoenix AZ

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What is SkinCeuticals®?

SkinCeuticals® is a cosmeceutical skincare line that is backed by science and pushes the boundaries between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

SkinCeuticals® is known as the antioxidant authority and has set the standard for topical antioxidants in the industry. Although they are best known for their vitamin C serums, CE Ferulic and Phloretin CF, they have created many options for skin health and wellness since they opened in 1994.

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Prevent, Protect, Correct

The SkinCeuticals® philosophy features three main categories: Prevent, Protect, and Correct. These three areas work synergistically to maintain and improve skin health.

      When used with SkinCeuticals® SPF, antioxidants provided the ultimate protection against free radicals and UV rays, preventing visible signs of photoaging and optimum skin health. Antioxidants protect the skin against UV rays, radiation, and pollution as well as lifestyle factors that generate the free radicals that damage our bodies cells. Antioxidants help to neutralize unstable molecules (free radicals) and slow down the photodamage process while slowing down accelerated skin aging.
      When you pair an antioxidant with a physical sunscreen you have the perfect marriage. Physical sunscreens use mineral ingredients such as zinc or titanium dioxide which deflect the sun’s rays and protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. (Avoid using chemical sunscreens that contain -ate or -benzone at the end of a listed ingredient) SkinCeuticals® uses Z-Cote® a transparent zinc oxide that protects from the full spectrum of the sun’s rays without leaving behind that white pasty residue that zinc is typically known for.
      SkinCeuticals‘® line of corrective products uses active ingredients that repair, lighten, exfoliate, and rehabilitate the skin. Research and innovation are at the core of all of the formulations and there are a variety of product options available for all skin types and conditions. All SkinCeuticals® products are put through rigorous medical-grade clinical tests to assure that they are backed by science with proven results. Whether your concerns are fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, or acne this line has a corrective product that can enhance your daily routine.

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How are SkinCeuticals® utilized at the Ong Institute?

At Ong Institute, we truly believe that beauty begins from within and that is why we integrate our regenerative cellular treatments such as vitamins and antioxidants with the Skinceuticals® product line.

Skinceuticals® uses great ingredients such as niacinamide , Vitamin C and other antioxidants to help treat skin with science-based therapies. We believe that their core focus complements our strategy to treat our cells with the same therapies. Why not treat every cell in your body with these nutrients?

IV nutrient therapy combined with effective regenerative treatments that stimulate collagen production and science-backed antioxidant skin care is the winning combination for beautiful skin.

Choosing the right product

One great thing about these products is that there are many customizable options for oily, dry, aging, combination, acne prone, and sensitive skin. We recommend that everyone use an antioxidant product as well as sunscreen in their daily regime. The corrective products that you choose will vary based on your unique skin type and concerns. A consultation with Dr. Ong can help you determine your goals and create the regime that will help you to achieve them.

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What is the advantage of using SkinCeuticals® through the Ong Institute instead of purchasing it elsewhere?

SkinCeuticals® is only sold in medical offices, which is a benefit to you because consulting with someone who understands the skin and causes of its conditions will help assure you that you are choosing the products that will provide you with the most benefits.

Choosing a product based on its online reviews or a recommendation from a friend may not address your specific concern or the root of your problem whether its breakouts, dryness or dark spots. For example, your dark spots may be hormonal and your friend may have spots caused by sun damage: if you use the same product as your friend you may not get the same results and could ultimately be throwing money down the drain.

SkinCeuticals® is not sold online so be sure that you always purchase from a medical office such as your plastic surgeon or dermatologist to assure that you are getting the real deal and not a fake or expired product!

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