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Silhouette instalift in Scottsdale AZ

Skin laxity, or looseness, is one of the primary aesthetic concerns that both men and women face as a result of normal aging. The initial sagging that occurs feels troublesome, but may not necessarily be enough to warrant facelift surgery. Many people are also uncomfortable with the idea of a full facelift with its associated surgical risks or healing time.

For patients who want to refresh the youthfulness of their face in an innovative way, we offer the Silhouette Instalift® procedure.

How Silhouette Instalift® Works 

This minimally invasive facial lifting procedure approaches sagging skin without a scalpel or major surgery, but with a uniquely-contoured thread. This thread features tiny cones that are situated in a bi-directional pattern. These grasp onto “anchor points” of tissue, which facilitates optimal support of the skin. What’s more, the dissolvable suture track that holds the new drape of skin also incites collagen production from the fibroblast cells that lie deeper. As we all know, collagen holds the key to firmness, and firm skin is better at holding its shape.

The procedure is done in the office using local anesthesia with minimal downtime.

How long will collagen continue to generate after a Silhouette Instalift®?

Collagen production continues for several months after the in-office procedure. We continue to lose collagen with aging and the ability to stimulate new collagen is very promising. Clinical studies and thousands of procedures have shown that the results of the manual lift and collagen boost can last up to two years.

The procedure can be repeated to create more collagen or other procedures may be considered at that time. 

Who is a good candidate for this procedure?

Men and women who are in good physical health and are showing the early signs of facial laxity are typically the best candidates for the Silhouette Instalift®. Skin thickness is also something that we assess prior to confirming the merit of this treatment.

There is no set age for which a Silhouette Instalift® make the most sense. This procedure is suitable for older patients who have undergone a full or partial facelift in the past, and who are interested in prolonging their results.

We also perform this mild lift on younger patients who want to get a head-start on the prevention of noticeable facial aging. The Silhouette Instalift® is a subtle lift that can successfully address concerns including deflation of facial volume and mild to moderate jowls and sagging of the mid-face and neck. In our experience, this group of patients is the best candidates for the procedure.

Patients who are interested in rejuvenating their face without the need for general anesthesia and downtime, and who have realistic expectations of the potential results of the Silhouette Instalift®, are encouraged to schedule a consultation in our Scottsdale office for further information.

Will Silhouette Facelift help post weight loss surgery patients?

One of the side-effects of major weight loss may be the deflation of volume in the mid-face area. When this happens, overlying tissue sags downward, creating jowls and other concerns. Depending on the degree of laxity that is present after weight loss, the Silhouette Instalift® may be a possible option.

Dr. Ong conducts a thorough consultation and evaluation in Scottsdale, AZ to observe skin thickness and condition and discusses the value of this procedure based on expected results. Patients with severe skin looseness will benefit most from a surgical facelift, complemented with procedures to augment shape and volume such as fat grafting.

What is the difference Between Silhouette Lift and previous thread treatments like the Contour Thread Lift?

Thread lifts began a few decades ago as an alternative to full facelift surgery. Throughout that time, several revisions have occurred, and few, if any, of the original thread procedures, are still performed today. One of the major components of early thread lifts, such as the Contour Lift, was the nature of thread used to support skin. The sutures used at that time were barbed – and they were permanent. This created dermatologic abnormalities in some patients and had a limited success rate.

Silhouette Instalift® uses a dissolvable suture thread which has cones that secure tissue in place long enough for minor scar tissue to encapsulate it. The presence of the thread itself, plus its composition of Poly–L Lactic acid, then promote months of collagen production from fibroblast cells beneath the epidermis. In combination, these two characteristics lead to long-term results without the need for a long-lasting thread.

What are other treatments that can complement the Silhouette Instalift® procedure for best results?

There are several ways to maximize the results of your minimally-invasive lift. Some of the most popular approaches to facial aging, Botox®, and dermal fillers apply here.

Dr. Ong frequently combines the Silhouette Instalift®, procedures with fillers and the regenerative capabilities of the Vampire Facelift® to further enhance collagen stimulation. Using this technique, we are able to use the limit the need of large volume of fillers and allow for more new collagen regeneration.

Additionally, patients may be interested in learning more about the skincare they use and how it is affecting their skin. Medical grade skincare is ideal for long-term support for aging skin.

What is an effective procedure to improve my cheek folds or jowls besides a facelift?

Patients of our Scottsdale office receive care that is tailored to their objectives and preferences. Non-surgical skin tightening treatments using powerful radiofrequency energy may be suitable for the correction of jowls, “turkey neck,” and more. Fillers can help too. In fact, they work very well, in combination with the lift procedure.

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