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At Ong Institute, skin health and regeneration is one of our core specialties focusing on healthy skin. We focus on optimizing skin health with functional medicine and regenerative solutions, backed by science.

The treatment of skin problems and concerns, such as loose skin, wrinkles, sun spots, jowls, and dark circles demand a multi-modality approach. What that means, is that any device or surgical technique individually may not be capable of providing the complete solution to a particular skin problem. For best results, a comprehensive approach combining several modalities is important. Contact accomplished Scottsdale plastic surgeon Dr. Cheri A. Ong today by calling (480) 771-7771 and begin building your personalized skin health and regeneration plan!

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Skin Laxity

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For the treatment of laxity (loose skin), radio frequency devices are currently leading the way, in terms of innovation and best outcomes. Dr. Ong utilizes ThermiTight™ technology for treatment of laxity concerns, sometimes in combination with liposuction for sculpting and shaping. This combined treatment allows for more precise treatment and temperature-controlled tightening of the area for best results.

The addition of non-invasive treatments, such as SkinTyte™, and ThermiSmooth™, can also help enhance and maintain results. Skin firmness and collagen content is highly dependent on estrogen and hormonal balance – a common reason why women experience the appearance of jowls, and wrinkles around the menopausal period. Hormone replacement therapy, nutrient replacement, skin treatments that stimulate collagen formation such as laser treatments or micro-needling, coupled with a long-term preventative plan can be very effective in maintaining good skin health.

Skin laxity is one of the primary aesthetic concerns that both men and women face as a result of normal aging. The initial sagging that occurs feels troublesome, but may not necessarily be enough to warrant facelift surgery. Many people are also uncomfortable with the idea of a full facelift with its associated surgical risks or healing time. For patients who want to refresh the youthfulness of their face in an innovative way, we offer the Silhouette Instalift® procedure.

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Skin Treatments

Concerns such as, skin discoloration, sun spots, wrinkles, and scars, are best treated with lasers or light devices. There are many good quality devices on the market today, and most have the ability to treat these conditions. The quality and type of treatment is highly dependent on the laser education, experience and knowledge of the practitioner.

Here at Ong Institute, we use the Sciton™ system, a well-engineered machine that can address these concerns. Laser and light based treatments, such as micro laser peels (MLP™), Profractional™ laser, full laser resurfacing (TRL™), Broad-band light treatment (BBL™), and SkinTyte™ treatments using infrared light technology are some of the treatments offered.

Sometimes, micro-needling, chemical peels, or a combined treatment approach may be offered for best outcomes. Dr. Ong and her team can help provide guidance and knowledge on best treatment options. Equally important is the use of skin care products to maintain results. Quality skin care products backed by science will allow you to maintain the results obtained from these non-surgical treatments.

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Fillers and BOTOX®

Combining laser treatments, Botox, fillers, a good skin care regimen, as well as replacing the body’s deficient nutrients will allow even better results and success.

Dr. Ong’s approach to fillers and Botox treatment is to treat the entire face creating overall balance. This advanced injection technique uses minimal products in specific places to create change and improvement. She frequently uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP), in conjunction with fillers to help shape the face, and to stimulate natural collagen for longer lasting results.

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Skin regeneration: Vampire series
(Vampire Facial™, Vampire Facelift™, Vampire breast lift™)

The use of PRP in the Vampire Facial™ and Vampire Facelift™ techniques allows Dr. Ong to combine the science of regenerative medicine to improve skin health. In line with our focus on regenerative medicine, human-derived growth factors are also used for skin regeneration.

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Food as medicine for the skin

Good skin comes from good nutrition. Approaching food differently creates our “food as medicine” strategy. We focus on food as a pathway to better skin health. Skin health improves when one’s overall health and nutrition are optimized. Further skin wellness can be achieved with micro-nutrient testing as well as personalized nutrient support through IV and oral supplements such as glutathione and other vitamins.

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Skin care

Skin Health & Regeneration Scottsdale & Phoenix, AZFrom the study of epigenetics, we understand that gene expression can be turned on or off based on exposures to certain triggers. Many of these are present in skin care products, make-up and normal self care products such as shampoos, body lotions etc. We offer knowledge and product options to our patients regarding these added chemicals. We strive to help our patients lead healthier lives in avoiding some of the potential triggers of poor health and cancer gene expression.

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