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Nutritional IV’s Scottsdale & Phoenix, AZ

Nutritional IV’s Scottsdale & Phoenix, AZ

Nutrient deficiencies may be caused by a lack of intake or inadequate absorption. Less than 20% of oral supplements are absorbed when taken by mouth. Intravenous supplementation is the most efficient way for getting nutrients into the body as it is 100% absorbed.

Ong Institute for Plastic Surgery & Health offers supplementation of nutrients through an IV drip as well as a personalized oral supplement and food suggestion plan based on your nutritional deficiencies.

Supplements are given based on your individual needs and are guided by your concern (e.g. hair loss, immune support etc.) and your specialized lab test results.

We also offer a nutrient-dense vitamin IV shot that contains a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and amino acids that can help with athletic performance and health issues. This IV “push” which is given in less than a minute, results in 100% delivery and absorption of each nutrient. This is in contrast to:

  1. IV drips that contain a large amount of water and dilution of nutrients, and take between 30-60 min to administer.
  2. Oral nutrients which are absorbed about 15% through the stomach.

This is a great and efficient way to obtain the necessary nutrients into our bodies if we are constantly on the go or may not have the ability to prepare and eat healthy foods for a variety of reasons.

What is nutritional IV therapy?

At Ong Institute, we offer nutritional IV therapy to deliver nutrients directly into the bloodstream. Hospitals have long used IV therapy to help patients recover from dehydration or overcome serious nutritional deficiencies. Our nutritional IVs contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They are delivered through IV in about 45 minutes all while sitting in a comfortable chair in our Ong Institute offices.

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Patient Testimonial

“My visit to Dr. Ong’s office was an amazing one! Everyone there is so genuinely caring and kind. My uncomfortable feeling of waiting for surgery faded within minutes with the vibe they create there. My operation was fast, efficient, and virtually painless. Dr. Ong is a brilliant woman with a seemingly magical ability. If you want something this personal done right, you go to the best. Dr. Ong IS the BEST!”

What are the benefits of nutritional IV therapy?

Studies have shown that less than 20 percent of supplements taken orally are actually absorbed by the body. The digestive system passes the rest. In contrast, delivering these nutrients directly into the bloodstream is 100 percent effective. These IVs also help hydrate the patient at the same time.

What are the risks involved with nutritional IV therapy?

These infusions are very low risk. There is a slight risk of infection, but Dr. Ong is a double board-certified plastic surgeon, and she takes pride in the cleanliness and safety of her practice.

There is a risk of getting, in effect, too much of a good thing. It is possible to receive too much of a specific vitamin or mineral, which can lead to adverse effects. Again, thanks to Dr. Ong’s oversight of her practice, she monitors the ingredients and vitamin amounts in our nutritional IV therapy, ensuring their effectiveness and safety.

There is some risk associated with the infusion itself, including blood clot formation, vein irritation, and inflammation. Air embolisms can be introduced through an IV line, although this is quite rare. Because we have a registered nurse, Heather, administer our IV therapies, these risks are exceedingly low thanks to Heather’s training, knowledge, and experience.

How effective is IV therapy as an anti-aging treatment?

It’s impossible to quantify how effective an IV infusion is when combating the march of time, but we’d all like to slow its progress as much as possible. We see aging on the exterior of our bodies, but we don’t see what’s going on inside. That’s where the aging process is causing the breakdown of cells leading to everything from osteoarthritis to memory loss to Parkinson’s disease. Between the toxins we absorb every day and the free radicals wreaking havoc on cells, proteins, and our DNA, it’s an ongoing battle within our bodies to simply maintain our health.

Dr. Ong believes boosting certain vitamins and antioxidants can help go beyond simple maintenance to helping ward off some of the effects of the aging process. That’s the goal of our IV therapy. By directly delivering various antioxidants into the bloodstream, this may help stem the cellular damage, boost the immune system, help to prevent declining memory, and improve sleep.

You can’t say X = Y but Dr. Ong believes that the best defense against the aging process is a good offense and that’s what her nutritional IV therapy does.

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How long do the benefits from nutritional IV therapy last?

Every patient is unique, as is their response to our nutritional IVs at Ong Institute. It’s difficult to say exactly how long an individual patient will feel the effects of their IV treatment. Part of this depends on your body’s metabolism; the IV vitamins and minerals will remain in your system until they are metabolized and excreted.

These are meant to be instantaneous boosts to your body, helping ward off the winter flu, recover from going too hard at the gym, or just helping ensure you’re getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

At Ong Institute, our nutritional IV patients can expect to experience elevated energy levels, immune function, concentration, and energy for three to four days after your IV treatment.

How often can you have a nutritional IV?

The frequency of these treatments at Ong Institute varies according to what your needs are. This is something to discuss with Heather before your first IV session. At Ong Institute, we have patients who opt for routine IV therapy treatments, coming to our beautiful, relaxing offices on Bell Road weekly or monthly. Others use them when they’re feeling run down, as if about to come down with something.

Is there any recovery after a nutritional IV at Ong Institute?

No, there isn’t any recovery. You may have a slight bruise and soreness at the site where we placed the drip needle, but that won’t preclude you from getting right back to work or your other normal activities.

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What can I expect from my results from nutritional IVs?

As mentioned above, there are differences in metabolism and other processes between different people, but many of our patients tell us they notice a difference for as long as three or four days after their treatments. Since many people use our nutritional IVs for instant boost for immune function or recovery, this should cover your needs.

Beyond that, delivering the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients the body needs directly into the blood stream can’t do anything but be beneficial to your overall health in the longer term.

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I wanted to let you know that the peptide treatments helped me tremendously in such a short amount of time. Not only did it help me to sleep better, have more energy, but it also made me alert during the day with no side effects. I would recommend this to those with these symptoms as I was able to get back in the “swing” of things after the treatment. Thank you so much for your attention to detail in my health issues. – Sonia

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