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Nutritional IV’s Scottsdale & Phoenix, AZ

Nutritional IV’s Scottsdale & Phoenix, AZ

Nutrient deficiencies may be caused by a lack of intake or inadequate absorption. Less than 20% of oral supplements are absorbed when taken by mouth. Intravenous supplementation is the most efficient way for getting nutrients into the body as it is 100% absorbed.

Ong Institute for Plastic Surgery & Health offers supplementation of nutrients through an IV drip as well as a personalized oral supplement and food suggestion plan based on your nutritional deficiencies.

Supplements are given based on your individual needs and are guided by your concern (e.g. hair loss, immune support etc.) and your specialized lab test results.

We also offer a nutrient-dense vitamin IV shot that contains a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and amino acids that can help with athletic performance and health issues. This IV “push” which is given in less than a minute, results in 100% delivery and absorption of each nutrient. This is in contrast to:

  1. IV drips that contain a large amount of water and dilution of nutrients, and take between 30-60 min to administer.
  2. Oral nutrients which are absorbed about 15% through the stomach.

This is a great and efficient way to obtain the necessary nutrients into our bodies if we are constantly on the go or may not have the ability to prepare and eat healthy foods for a variety of reasons.

What is nutritional IV therapy?

At Ong Institute, we offer nutritional IV therapy to deliver nutrients directly into the bloodstream. Hospitals have long used IV therapy to help patients recover from dehydration or overcome serious nutritional deficiencies. Our nutritional IVs contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They are delivered through IV in about 45 minutes all while sitting in a comfortable chair in our Ong Institute offices.

What are the benefits of nutritional IV therapy?

Studies have shown that less than 20 percent of supplements taken orally are actually absorbed by the body. The digestive system passes the rest. In contrast, delivering these nutrients directly into the bloodstream is 100 percent effective. These IVs also help hydrate the patient at the same time.

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