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NAD IV Therapy

What is NAD IV therapy?

NAD is short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. NAD is a coenzyme found in all living cells, and it has various important functions within the body. NAD IV therapy delivers this coenzyme intravenously to replenish cellular levels.

What are the benefits of NAD IV therapy?

NAD promotes cellular regeneration, and is a critical part of the conversion of cellular energy. This coenzyme has been proven to protect brain cells, repair DNA, provide anti-inflammatory benefits, and to help protect against neuro-degenerative disorders. As if that wasn’t enough, NAD also turns on various enzymes in the body that work in an anti-aging capacity.

Who would be a good candidate for NAD IV therapy?

NAD IV therapy promotes whole-body wellness, and can help your body perform more optimally, so you don’t have to be suffering from a medical condition to benefit from this treatment. NAD therapy has been shown to provide neurologic, metabolic, and anti-aging benefits for anyone.

NAD IV therapy can help individuals with these problems:

● Fighting addiction or recovery from addiction
● Recovering alcoholics
● Chronic fatigue
● Cognitive decline
● Loss of muscle strength and mass

How Does NAD IV Therapy Treatment Work?

For your body to function at its most optimal level, it relies on vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Studies suggest that IV therapy is the very best way to support the body’s needs for essential nutrients because this modality bypasses the digestive process. IV therapy is performed in our comfortable office in Scottsdale as carefully planned by Dr. Ong based on your unique nutritional needs. NAD IV therapy delivers a robust dose of the coenzyme directly to the bloodstream, where it is most bioavailable. Throughout the infusion treatment, proteins in the body bind with the NAD molecules entering the bloodstream, creating active enzymes that can be used at the cellular level.

How Long Does a NAD IV Therapy Treatment Take?

IV therapy treatments can take from a few minutes to over an hour. The rate of infusion for most nutrients is relatively universal for all people. NAD is different. Our NAD IV therapy is patient-specific in its rate of infusion. A faster rate of infusion may be fine for some patients but may induce a warming sensation, anxiety, or discomfort in the muscles, head, abdomen, or chest in others. We want your NAD IV treatment to be comfortable and pleasant! Know that if these side effects do occur, they resolve within a few seconds of slowing the speed at which the nutrient is delivered. After your consultation, you will be informed regarding your expected treatment time and what you may bring to the office with you to help pass the time. To schedule your consultation to learn more about NAD treatments, call (480) 771-7771.

How Many NAD IV Treatment Sessions Will I Need?

IV therapy is a completely personalized process for every patient. When you visit Dr. Ong for NAD IV therapy, she will discuss a suggested number of treatments based on your reasons for seeking treatment. If your body needs replenishment from a significant illness or disease, you may benefit the most from daily treatments for a short period of time. Optimal recovery from fatigue and other general complaints can usually be achieved with less frequent sessions. Once you feel your cognition and energy improve, you may alter your treatment schedule accordingly.

What Are the Side Effects of a NAD IV Treatment?

There are very few side effects associated with NAD IV therapy outside of the treatment itself. We discussed the effects that may occur during the IV infusion. After treatment, most people feel very well. That said, you may develop redness or bruising in the area where your IV was inserted. The tissue may feel tender for a short time. Because the skin is broken by the insertion of the IV needle, there is a very slight risk of infection, though this rarely occurs.

How Long Will my NAD IV Therapy Results Last?

The results of NAD IV therapy may last up to 14 days, depending on your overall health at the time of treatment. You will get a sense that your body is receiving the benefits of your infusion as you begin to feel more alert and energized.

What Should I Avoid After a NAD IV Treatment?

Once your IV therapy session is complete, you may remain in the office for a few minutes to ensure that you do not experience side effects like warming or leg discomfort. After that, you can resume your normal activities immediately and may quickly notice that you’re feeling better than ever!

How Do I Prepare for a NAD IV Therapy Treatment?

Dr. Ong is extremely thorough in her intake process for nutritional and IV therapies. After discussing your medical history, goals of treatment, and questions, she can provide you with instructions to help you get the most from your sessions.


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