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In line with our mission and dedication towards a healthier you, Dr. Ong collaborates extensively with other health care providers and scientists to help you achieve improved health and function. Dr Ong, herself is an active student of functional medicine, participating in the Institute for Functional Medicine physician courses.

Integrative medicine is what people are seeking today. We now have a better understanding on how to treat the underlying causes of disease rather than treating symptoms through medication and polypharmacy.

Ong Institute utilizes these principles and optimizes patients through their surgeries and overall well-being with personalized intravenous and oral solutions, specific for their needs.

We take the guesswork out for our patients.

By working with scientists and experts in the field, we identify the strategies and create a supplement and/or nutrition plan for each patient taking into consideration their current state of health and other factors.

We offer specific nutrient and other blood testing in our office so that we know exactly what nutrients are deficient and can replace them appropriately.

Our goal is to constantly push the bar higher: delivering excellence in outcomes. The greater number of factors we can help optimize, the better our outcomes, and the better our patients will feel.

We want people to feel better and enjoy good health.

Empowering patients with knowledge and resources to make right decisions for themselves is something we strive to deliver daily.

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