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The Mommy Makeover has traditionally been described as procedures performed to help correct some of the changes to a woman’s body after having children. Most often, a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is performed along with breast surgery to lift or reshape the breasts.

There are many other changes to a woman’s body including weight gain in certain areas, urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity, and enlarged labia. As such, it is now common for women to include liposuction, labial surgery or other non-surgical female rejuvenation procedures to help them look and feel better.

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“I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Ong and her entire team. From the initial consultation, I knew leaving the office that I was confident that I found the right surgeon for me. Dr. Ong discussed all of my options and made me feel comfortable with the entire process.”

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What is a mommy makeover?

Rather than a “stock” procedure, a mommy makeover is a term describing a combination of surgical procedures that target the changes made in a woman’s body by pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Dr. Ong adapts the procedures and methods used specifically to each patient and her individual situation. The advantage of combining different surgeries into a single surgical session is that it requires a just single recovery period, despite having various procedures.

What are the benefits of having a mommy makeover?

Side view portrait of mature lady sitting at the table across from gynecologist in white lab coat. Ladies looking at each other and smiling Obviously, the main benefit of this combination of surgeries with Dr. Ong is that you can reverse the unattractive changes you’ve seen in your figure due to having children. You’ll be able to lose that stomach pooch. Your sagging breasts will be brought back up to a higher position on the chest. Pockets of stubborn fat will be removed. If you add augmentation to your breast lift, you’ll actually change your figure from its pre-baby form. Mommy makeovers allow women to not have to sacrifice their figure when they have children.

A secondary benefit of mommy makeovers is that you only have a single recovery despite having three procedures. It is a difficult recovery, but it is far easier than repeating it three times.

What procedures are included in a mommy makeover?

Dr. Ong takes a unique approach to each patient’s mommy makeover, weighing the goals and expectations. She’ll then recommend and discuss her strategy for the procedure with you. These are the procedures that make up a typical mommy makeover:

Breast lift

When the breasts gain size and weight during pregnancy, the skin and support tissue tend to stretch and sag. A breast lift removes excess skin and brings the breasts back up to a higher position on the chest. Learn more ➛

Breast augmentation

Breast test, woman examining her breasts for cancer, big natural boobs isolated on white background, close-up studio shot, image is not body shape retouched Breastfeeding often decreases breast volume; this tends to flatten the breasts. Many women simply want to have breasts similar to what they had before pregnancy. Others decide they’d like larger breasts. To accomplish this, Dr. Ong places breast implants at the completion of the breast lift procedure. This is an easy extension, as she can place the implants through the incisions made for the breast lift. Learn more ➛


Stubborn pockets of fat can show up after pregnancy. You may have lost your baby weight, but fat accumulated in unwanted pockets that won’t respond to exercise. Liposuction removes these pockets on the inner and outer thighs, hips, and abdomen. Learn more ➛

Tummy tuck

a woman shows a dotted line on her body liposuction zone. on white background In many women, the localized weight gained during pregnancy stretches the muscles and stomach skin to a degree that they can’t return back to their former degree of tautness. This leaves a pooch on the lower abdomen. In some cases, the muscles may have separated. A tummy tuck trims excess sagging skin and repositions separated muscles to give you back a flat stomach. It usually involves two incisions, a long lower incision stretching from hipbone to hipbone that sags down to be covered by a bikini bottom or underwear, and a second incision around the navel to address sagging above that area. Learn more ➛


Although this isn’t a part of all mommy makeovers, some women also want Dr. Ong to trim stretched labia tissues with a labiaplasty. Learn more ➛

Who are the Ideal Candidates for a Mommy Makeover?

Many of the problems created by pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding are due to the very localized nature of the weight gain in the abdomen and the breasts. This creates unwanted sagging and volume loss. Stomach muscles can actually become separated, and they cannot return to the center without surgery.

If these characteristics sound like your post-baby figure, a mommy makeover could be a great procedure for you:

Pregnant women resulting in tummy skin, fat patterns and scars

  • Your breasts have sagged, and the nipples may point downward to a degree.
  • Your breasts have lost volume and have flattened.
  • You have pockets of stubborn fat that don’t respond to diet or exercise.
  • You have a stomach pooch.
  • You’ve lost most of your pregnancy weight.

During her consultations for mommy makeovers, Dr. Ong emphasizes that the patient needs to be sure she is not going to have any additional children before opting to move forward with a mommy makeover. Why? The process of pregnancy, delivery, and breastfeeding will negate all of the changes made with your surgeries because you will stretch the skin and underlying muscles all over again. Stressing the incisions in this way can actually distort them, making them far more noticeable.

Preparation before surgery

As with any surgery, you’ll need to stop taking blood-thinning medications and most supplements at least one week before your surgery. If you smoke, you’ll also need to stop for at least two weeks before and after your surgery, as smoking can poorly impact wound healing.

Preparation for this surgical session with Dr. Ong should really revolve around preparing for your recovery. You need to set up your recovery nest, getting your space ultimately comfortable and ready. You’ll need to fill pain medication prescriptions beforehand. You should have plenty of entertainment ready. You’ll need to have someone help you out around the house for at least two weeks, as you’ll not be able to lift much of anything for a while. You’ll need help cooking and simply getting around for the first week, due to your tummy tuck incision. This is no time to “tough it out,” as not getting adequate help will only prolong and make your recovery more difficult.

This is an involved recovery, primarily due to the tummy tuck. So, you need to expect to fully lay low for at least a full week.

How long does a mommy makeover take?

These are extended surgical sessions with Dr. Ong. They can range from 3.5 hours to 6.5 hours, depending on the procedures involved.

What is the Recovery from a Mommy Makeover?

Full length of attractive young woman in white tank top and panties posing while standing against white background We’re not going to tell you this is an easy recovery. You need to remember that you have had surgery on at least two areas of your body, along with probable liposuction. The surgery that dictates the most involved part of the recovery is the tummy tuck. This is due to the length of the incision that stretches across your bikini line from hip to hip. Plus, most tummy tucks involve bringing separated muscles back together to some degree. 

Your first week after your surgery will be the most difficult. You will need to be in bed for most of that week, so you’ll need complete help with the kids and with other household duties you may have. You’ll need to wear compression garments to minimize swelling and to help your body adjust and adapt to its new slimmer contours. For your breasts, you’ll wear a support bra 24 hours a day for at least one month to support you’re lifted, and potentially augmented breasts.

A tummy tuck can take up to six months to fully recover. It’s not as if you’ll be in bed that amount of time but lifting and creating any strain on your stomach muscles will really need to be watched. Most mommy makeover patients can return to a light level of activity after one or two weeks, but anything strenuous (especially any lifting) will have to wait for at least six weeks.

On the bright side, this is just a single recovery, albeit an involved one.

What are the potential risks with a mommy makeover?

This is major surgery, so it involves all of those risks inherent with any surgery: reaction to anesthesia, infection, excessive bleeding, development of blood clots, and poor wound healing. Dr. Ong will discuss these with you during your consultation.

The main risk with this procedure involves the long incision made for the tummy tuck. There is a chance this incision will not heal smoothly and evenly. Much of this depends on you not placing any stress on the incision in the early part of your recovery. Thanks to the board-certified training and expertise of Dr. Ong, this is a minimal risk.

Can I have a mommy makeover if I didn’t have children?

This is simply a term for a combination of procedures that usually address the changes that occur when a woman has a child or children. Many of the same changes, such as stretched skin on the breasts and abdomen, occur with the gain and subsequent loss of a good deal of weight. Having children isn’t a requirement.

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