Vaginal rejuvenation is becoming one of the fastest growing treatment options for women wanting functional and aesthetic improvements.

Prior to this, there were just not that many “options.” Now, with the advent of newer technologies, physicians, such as Dr. Cheri Ong, have the ability to offer treatment options for women facing changes with hormones, childbirth, genetics, and normal aging.


Surgical options, such as LabiaSculpt surgery, are becoming more popular, with women wanting aesthetic and functional improvements. These procedures have become more socially “acceptable” now, as women are more open to discuss their desires and are being more informed of options available to them.

There are now solutions for the concerns of stress urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness (atrophic vaginitis), and treatment of laxity: some of which are non-surgical with no downtime. Vaginal rejuvenation treatment options in the field of women’s sexual health have always lacked behind that of men. Treatments to regain sexual pleasure and confidence, such as enhancing clitoral and vaginal sensation, are now possible through energy-based devices, and treatments such as platelet-rich plasma, growth factors, and stem cells.

In addition, women have been confused on the subject of hormone replacement therapy: its indications and the myths behind them. Today, it is more important than ever that women seek the knowledge of which treatment option(s) might be best for their particular problem. Many women nowadays are “sold” on a device or procedure. Most often, it is the application of the technology and the combination of other treatment options that allow for the best outcomes. A consultation with an experienced physician to discuss all these aspects would allow you to determine which vaginal rejuvenation treatment option is right for you.


“I cannot say enough kind things about Dr. Ong and her entire staff! From the initial phone calls, pre-op, post-op and everything in between, I truly felt like I had such a strong support system throughout my journey. Dr. Ong talked me through all of my questions and I felt so heard and listened to. The positive demeanor of her entire team made me feel so confident not only in my decisions, but also throughout my entire procedure. I am so incredibly happy with my results, and my recovery has been a breeze thanks to Dr. Ong’s care and expertise. I am so grateful to the entire team at the Ong Institute, and I feel like my life has been changed for the better” – L.G.

“If there were 10 stars, they wouldn’t be enough! The women here are amazing! They made me feel so comfortable before, during, and after my surgeries. Dr. Ong can change your life! I can’t say thank you enough for all the post-op care and help I received.” – E.D.

“I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Ong and her entire team. From the initial consultation, I knew leaving the office that I was confident that I found the right surgeon for me. Dr. Ong discussed all of my options and made me feel comfortable with the entire process. Thank you Dr. Ong and staff!” – M.A.


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