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Here at Ong Institute, we focus on cellular regeneration and health optimization with the long term goal of halting and ultimately reversing your aging process. The ultimate Plastic Surgeon’s dream is to not only assist you in becoming the best version of yourself physically, but to ultimately reverse your aging and maximize your body’s regenerative potential. At Ong Institute we blend this knowledge for our clients, both in our surgeries and in our regenerative procedures to facilitate healing and enhance the results you are looking to achieve.

Learn how we use regenerative therapies to cut down healing time by 50 percent in surgical procedures.

We utilize cutting edge technologies such as NAD IV Therapy, nutritional IVspeptide therapy, and the power of ozone therapy to optimize your performance and preventive health measures.

Our programs use advanced lab tests to dive deep into your genetics, cellular nutrient levels, and hormone metabolism, to understand how your body is working or understand what is not working. We problem solve the root causes and unlock the code towards solving symptoms and health problems.

We test your functional nutrient and mitochondrial health to assess your energy production. By understanding your current state, we are able to provide a customized plan towards your optimal health.

Our core process focuses on reducing inflammation and rebuilding your immune system. Many chronic problems such as insulin resistance, cardiovascular problems, and physical and mental fatigue stem from a dysregulated immune system. In addition, we emphasize rest, sleep, exercise, and nutrition as core habits for your health optimization.

We are extremely data driven, so to ensure you are receiving the most appropriate care possible, we will test, pivot as necessary, and retest. We take pride in providing truly customized treatments, and care, to our clients.

We believe that “aging” is a byproduct of our own reduced metabolism. So our efforts are focused at the cellular level; providing you with the nutrients your cells desire, enhancing DNA repair mechanisms and metabolism…..ultimately, working towards extending your longevity.

Our advanced peptide protocols, regenerative therapies, and bio-hacking efforts focus on enhancing your own stem cell potential by creating the right environment for cellular optimization and regeneration.

We enhance metabolism through switching the fuel source from glucose to fats, optimizing mitochondrial efficiency, and providing nutrient optimization. This has allowed us to achieve substantial results in even shorter time periods.

Clients who benefit the most from our programs have a true desire to change the status of their current health, and move the needle toward their enhanced performance and expanded functional longevity.

Our goal is to help you understand your health and genetic potential, so together, we can optimize your health, allowing you to become the best version of yourself. Waking up everyday ready to do the good work that you already do so well.

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To learn more about Integrative Health, or to have one of our talented team members contact you about our programs, call (480) 771-7771 or send us a message by clicking the button below! Dr. Ong serves Scottsdale and the nearby areas.


“I visited the Ong Institute inquiring about NAD and it’s benefits. Dr. Ong offered me the potential to make significant changes to my health, my routine and thus my life overall. Not only have the treatments worked for me, but they FAR exceeded any expectations I had going into the program. I’ve spent 4+ years seeking treatment at top hospitals around the country, all using prescription medications to treat me for seizures and a severe sleep disorder. Nothing has worked until now. Thanks to Dr. Ong and these treatments I will be getting my life back to normal!” – Matt L.



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