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Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale, AZ

Ong Institute was created to assist all of our patients in developing solution-based results. The underlying purpose and foundation of our practice is rooted in 3 core tenants: Be Healthier, Feel Better, and Look Better.

With a comprehensive focus on female health, Dr. Ong specializes in LabiaSculpt surgery and non-surgical Thermiva. It is her priority to take the time to understand your lifestyle and your outcome goals to determine what procedures are right for you. The Ong Institute serves the Scottsdale & Phoenix, AZ areas.

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Dr. Ong is a focused listener and skilled board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience on solution-based procedures.

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Innovation continues to lead the way with effective non-surgical options for your concerns.

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Recognizing that overall wellness comes from treating ones whole-self. We are focused to provide you with the knowledge and tools towards improved health.


Board-certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Cheri ONG



Board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery, Dr. Cheri Ong is a vibrant Reconstructive & Plastic surgeon with over 8 years experience in plastic surgery focusing on the breast and female rejuvenation.

An ability to listen carefully, craft alternative solutions coupled with a warm caring connection to each patient during this period of uncertainty creates the uniqueness, of Dr. Ong. Bringing extensive experience in innovation, current treatment protocols and development of new RF procedures, Dr. Ong creates a right-for-you based plan.

Understanding that the body and mind are not isolated and unique, Dr. Ong embraces treating concerns and including functional health and medicine. Dr. Ong acknowledges the emotional impact that profound changes have, and she makes it her priority to take the time to understand your lifestyle and your outcome goals to determine what procedures are right for you.

As a specialist in breast surgery and breast cancer reconstruction surgery, Dr. Ong has extensive experience working closely with cancer treatment teams to ensure that patients obtain the best aesthetic outcome without compromising their cancer treatment. Dr. Ong brings her years of experience to servicing Scottsdale, Phoenix and other surrounding areas.

  • american board of plastic surgery
  • fellow american college of surgeons
  • american society of plastic surgeons
  • realself top plastic surgeon

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Dr. Ong offers a holistic approach in caring for her patients by thoroughly educating her patients about the factors that can impact healing, before and after surgery. She provides resources to her patients that will positively impact their healing process, assist in providing a healthier approach to living, and in turn allows patients to acquire a preventative attitude towards their health and overall well-being.

- Dawn Bassett, MSN Ed, RN, OCN - Nurse

After I had my first child my labia was torn and uneven and I was never happy with how it looked. I also never liked that I had never had an orgasm, and I didn't even know if I had a g-spot; even clitoral orgasms took me a long time. My friend had told me about ThermiVa that Dr. Ong was doing and I called and scheduled a consultation that day. When I met with her, she was so kind and didn't make me feel uncomfortable at all. She thoroughly went over how this procedure would benefit me and I knew it was the right thing for me. I scheduled for three procedures, starting two weeks later. I have had two of them done now, each one about 30 minutes. As for appearance, my labia is even now, finally (yay), but on my last appt I'll have her work a little more, finishing touches shall I say :-)! As for orgasms, haven't had one yet, so close, but I finally know I have a g-spot!! There is strong sensation there, but think I might focus too much, or its my nerves, but I am so happy. And, It's only been 2 weeks too since I had my second procedure. It also feels tighter too. My husband notices a big difference. We never had problems there before, but he says it feels really tight around him and more friction. He's happy! Also, around my clitoris, there is definitely more sensation. My orgasms are much faster and more intense. She had said she was going to wake up the nerves with the probe, and they must have jumped out of bed (lol) because there is a difference! Dr. Ong is amazing and I recommend her for this procedure to everyone. She makes you feel so comfortable and she knows what she's doing!! Dr. Ong is amazing. She is caring and understanding. She really listened to what I was unhappy with and is doing everything she can to see that she can take care of it the best she can. She makes me feel relaxed and comfortable. I am going to recommend her and this procedure to everyone.

- kjec1234

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