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June 6, 2019

55-65 year old patient who came to our office in Scottsdale, Arizona for facial fillers Our patient noticed the area under her eyes looking more tired and sunken in. She also felt that her once high cheekbones were starting to lose volume. She is shown before and after facial fillers with Dr. Ong. A combination of Restylane Lyft, Resylane Defyne, and Restylane Refyne was used to reach her goal of looking refreshed.


49-58 year old patient seen in our Scottsdale, Arizona office for Labiaplasty. Our patient was searching for options for vaginal rejuvenation. She had been thinking about labiaplasty surgery for over 20 years. The appearance of the inner labia, as well as the constant rubbing and tugging of the area, really bothered her. She is shown before and 9 months after labiaplasty minoraplasty and perineoplasty.

Liposuction and ThermiTight

This patient came to our office in Scottsdale, Arizona because she desired an improved shape and contour in her thighs and buttocks. She also wanted to reduce the appearance of cellulite in the same areas. She treated with liposuction. At the same time,ThermiRF skin tightening was performed. These pictures show her before and after surgery.


Our patient was bothered by her asymmetrical inner labia. She came to our office in Scottsdale, Arizona because she did not like that one labia was larger than the other. The uncomfortable rubbing and tugging of her inner labia really bothered her. She is shown before and after labiaplasty minoraplasty, clitoral hood reduction, PRP Injections to the outer labia, and ThermiVa. Her photos show before surgery and 6 weeks after.


March 19, 2019

35-44 year old patient treated in our Scottsdale, Arizona office with Labiaplasty. Our patient felt unhappy with the appearance of her labia. She did not like the asymmetry or the size of her inner labia and it was having an effect on her intimate life. The excess skin on the clitoral hood was also reduced. She is shown before and 6 weeks after labiaplasty minoraplasty and clitoral hood reduction.

PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

February 19, 2019

55-66 year old male Our patient was bothered by his thinning hair. Dr. Ong performed Scalp injections with PRP followed by a series of micro-needling with growth factor treatments for hair growth. He also worked on his nutrition with frequent vitamin IV treatments. He is shown before and 9 months after his treatment for Hair Rejuvenation.

Lipo 360

December 10, 2018

Female Patient 45-55 years old treated with Lipo 360 in Scottsdale, Arizona Our patient was bothered by some stubborn fat in her midsection. She underwent liposuction of the tummy, hips, and back. She is shown before and 6 months after her surgery.

PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

65-75 year old female Hair loss was our patient’s number one concern. She had experienced some health and hormonal changes that were making things worse. Her treatment included a custom supplement plan, scalp injections, micro-needling treatments, and growth factors. To optimize the number of growth factors delivered, Amniotic fluid was used instead of PRP. She is shown before and 9 months after her initial treatment.    

Breast Reconstruction

November 20, 2018

After bilateral nipple-sparing mastectomies, our patient had breast reconstruction. She wanted to create a size that was small and suited for her active lifestyle. 260 MH Mentor® MemoryShape® breast implants were used.


Our patient did not like the lines around his nose and mouth. As a result, InstaLift™ was done in the office as a minimally invasive way to soften his deep wrinkles.

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