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June 10, 2019

Our patient was treated with ThermiVa for stress incontinence. She also desired improved sensation and saw a visible improvement in the appearance of her labia majora.


Our patient was bothered by the lines in her forehead and around her mouth. Botox was used to relax her forehead muscles and reduce the appearance of the wrinkles that were bothering her. She also had fillers for the smile lines around her mouth. She is shown before and 2 weeks after her treatment.


Our patient underwent double mastectomies followed by direct implant breast reconstruction. Mentor Memory Shape 685 MH were used to achieve her desired size and a breast lift was performed. She later came back for fat grafting to the breasts. She is shown before and one year after surgery.

Botox & Fillers

Our patient visited our Scottsdale, Arizona office to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around her eyes. She is shown before and 2 weeks after Botox for the crow’s feet and Filler for her under eye area.  


June 6, 2019

19-26 year old patient who underwent Labiaplasty in our Scottsdale, Arizona office

After pregnancy, our patient was bothered by her labia in certain clothing and during intercourse. She felt uncomfortable and desired a more petite look. Labia minoraplasty with the inner labia hiding below the level of the outer labia was performed. She chose not to have any surgery for her clitoral hood. Her photos show before, 3 weeks after, 6 weeks after, and 3 months after surgery.

ThermiVa and Fractional Laser

25-35 year old patient treated for vaginal tightening at our Scottsdale, Arizona office Our patient was concerned about the appearance of her outer labia and wanted improved tightness. She is shown before and after a series of 3 treatments of ThermiVa radiofrequency as well as fractionated laser to the outer labia. An at-home regimen was also used to improve her results. She and her partner both noticed a difference.


Our patient was bothered by her cellulite and skin laxity in her thighs. Thermi Tight® was performed for skin tightening and smoothing. She is shown before and 5 months after her Thermi Tight® procedure.


45-55 year old patient who came to our office in Scottsdale, Arizona for ThermiVa treatments Our patient wanted increased moisture and improvements in her urine leaking when she sneezed and coughed. She had a series of three ThermiVa™ treatments and is shown before and one year after.


35-45 year old patient who had labiaplasty surgery for vaginal rejuvenation in our Scottsdale, Arizona office. Our patient was uncomfortable with the size of her inner labia. She also wanted to fix a tear that happened during childbirth. The laxity of her outer labia did not bother her and she decided not to do surgery for the majora. Her photos show before and 6 weeks after Labiaplasty surgery.


25-34 year old patient who came to our office in Scottsdale, Arizona for Labiaplasty Our patient did not like the appearance of her labia after having multiple vaginal deliveries. She wanted her inner labia to be more hidden underneath the outer labia. She is shown before and 5 months after Labiaplasty majoraplasty, minoraplasty, clitoral hood reduction, and perineoplasty.

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