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Case ID: 8554

Front: Labiaplasty Minoraplasty

19-26 year old patient who underwent Labiaplasty in our Scottsdale, Arizona office

After pregnancy, our patient was bothered by her labia in certain clothing and during intercourse. She felt uncomfortable and desired a more petite look. Labia minoraplasty with the inner labia hiding below the level of the outer labia was performed. She chose not to have any surgery for her clitoral hood. Her photos show before, 3 weeks after, 6 weeks after, and 3 months after surgery.



Labiaplasty - Before

Before Surgery

Labiaplaty - 3 Weeks Post Op

3 Weeks Post Op

Labiaplasty - 6 Weeks Post Op

6 Weeks Post Op

Labiaplasty - 3 Months Post Op

3 Months Post Op

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