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Breast Reconstruction

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Breast Reconstruction

June 13, 2019

This patient came to our office in Scottsdale, Arizona for breast reconstruction after double mastectomies. Mentor Memory Shape implants in 430cc tall height, high profile style were used to create her desired shape and size.


June 10, 2019

Our patient underwent double mastectomies followed by direct implant breast reconstruction. Mentor Memory Shape 685 MH were used to achieve her desired size and a breast lift was performed. She later came back for fat grafting to the breasts. She is shown before and one year after surgery.

Breast Reconstruction

November 20, 2018

After bilateral nipple-sparing mastectomies, our patient had breast reconstruction. She wanted to create a size that was small and suited for her active lifestyle. 260 MH Mentor® MemoryShape® breast implants were used.

Breast Reconstruction

Our patient had bilateral mastectomy surgery and direct implant breast reconstruction. 300cc MH profile Mentor® MemoryShape® implants were used to create a natural looking breast. She wanted to stay around the same size. Her photos show before and 2 months after surgery.  

Breast Reconstruction Revision

November 9, 2017

Our patient who had a previous mastectomy and breast reconstruction with silicone breast implants in 1990. She was having significant pain and discomfort after developing capsular contracture with a ruptured breast implant. She also desired a more natural looking breast shape as well as smaller implants. Implant exchange to shaped implants (MH 440cc) after capsule removal and PRP injections were performed to achieve the results she desired. This procedure was planned carefully around the large pacemaker present on her left chest wall.

Breast Reconstruction

September 19, 2017

Our patient came in for breast reconstruction after she had DCIS in her left breast.  She had pre-existing breast implants.  For her treatment, she chose to undergo a lumpectomy. Her breast reconstruction included implant exchange to smaller, newer implants as well as a breast lift to help fill in the defect created by the removal of the tumor.

Breast Reconstruction

This patient came to our Scottsdale, Arizona office for breast reconstruction after planned bilateral areolar-sparing mastectomies. Her breast reconstruction was performed with shaped silicone breast implants Style MH 495cc placed at the time of the mastectomy, she then underwent further refinement of the reconstruction with fat grafting and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment after completion of radiation therapy on the left breast.

Breast Reconstruction

Our patient who had a left breast lumpectomy for breast cancer. Her breast reconstruction at the time of the mastectomy included tissue rearrangement to help lift and fill in the defect created by the lumpectomy.  She then underwent right breast lift (reduction) for symmetry after completion of her radiation treatment.

Breast Reconstruction

August 28, 2017

Our patient who underwent a left breast lumpectomy for breast cancer. The tumor was quite large and left a significant indentation and deformity in the area. She had breast reconstruction performed by Dr. Ong. She had a breast implant and rearrangement of the existing breast tissue to help shape the breast at the time of the lumpectomy. She also underwent a breast augmentation and lift on the other breast for symmetry.

Breast Reconstruction

Our patient underwent a double mastectomy for breast reconstruction after cancer. A skin reduction, lift, and immediate reconstruction with Mentor MemoryShape Style MH 620cc implants was performed. As a second stage, she also underwent fat grafting, with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)  therapy to minimize the appearance of wrinkles from the implant. No radiation treatment was performed. She did not desire nipple reconstruction.

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