At Ong Institute, our commitment to you includes identifying external community resources that may ASSIST you on your journey.

We believe that healing comes through you, your family, friends, medical treatments, nutrition, community support, and many other ways. Below are organizations that can lend a hand and give you a strong support base.


The Joy Bus is a not-for-profit whose sole purpose is to relieve the daily struggles of homebound cancer patients with a fresh chef inspired meal and a friendly face.

“Our vision is to elevate the livelihood of our patients with the joy of culinary sustenance.”

Founded in 2011 and named in honor of Joy who struggled with the painstaking side-effects of cancer, ultimately taking her life to this horrific disease. Her drive and determination are inspirational to all who fight her same battle. If a hot meal and a little compassion can brighten her day, then it’s the least we can all do as humans and as part of a community.

Millions of cancer patients are left to fend for themselves during this turning point in their lives. The Joy Bus will relieve the burden put on families during this time by providing healthy meals to their doorstep with compassion and a smiling face.

The Joy Bus is a 501(c) 3 Non Profit Organization.


The Tammy Dykstra Foundation is a nonprofit foundation created in honor of Tammy Dykstra. Tammy was diagnosed with breast cancer in February of 2011 at the age of 33. She lost her battle on August 30th, 2011. She fought cancer with strength and grace. Throughout her treatments she always had a smile on her face and she kept her focus on her passion of wanting to help other women once she was better. She wanted her experience to be a source of strength and hope for others.

Honoring Tammy and to fulfill her passion and dream, her family started the foundation in early 2012.

The foundation is dedicated to supporting women in the Valley who are battling breast cancer. They provide services to help ease the stress of daily life such as rides to and from appointments, house cleaning, and meal preparation and delivery. The foundation also hosts monthly mix and mingle events for the women and their families. This provides strength and support for not only the women going through treatment but also their family members.

Volunteers are the determining factor in making these valued services available to all women and their families who are a part of the Tammy D Foundation. Their mission is to support as many local women who are battling cancer… Reminding them that they are NOT alone in their fight.


The Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center is known throughout the Southwest for its commitment to providing personalized cancer care.

Located on the Scottsdale Shea Medical Center campus, the center also is known for it’s innovative combination of community oncology services, academic medicine and genomic cancer research.

You will find compassionate experts, from oncologists and researchers to staff members, committed to helping you fight your cancer. You can also choose from a variety of support services, including nutrition, yoga and Tina’s Treasures –your own retail boutique inside the center.


Breast Cancer Fund works to connect the dots between breast cancer and exposures to chemicals and radiation in our everyday environments.

The breast cancer movement has accomplished some remarkable things in recent years: breast cancer awareness is everywhere, we’re detecting it earlier than ever, and more women have access to quality care. So what’s next? It’s time to turn our efforts toward prevention.

Some of the risks factors for breast cancer can’t be helped, such as family history or whether or not we’ve had kids. But there are other things— like some exposures to toxic chemicals and radiation—that are within our control. We know it can seem overwhelming, but there really are easy things you can do—today and every day—to reduce your risk.


Bosom Buddies of Arizona is a non- profit organization offering support and resources to men and women with breast cancer.

The mission of Bosom Buddies of Arizona is to increase awareness of breast cancer by prevention, early detection and to provide support to men and women diagnosed with breast cancer, and their families. We will do this through the sharing of common experiences and knowledge through personal contacts, support groups, social media, and educational materials.

The mission of Bosom Buddies of Arizona is to offer knowledge, encouragement and friendship. “While there are many fine cancer organizations out there, Bosom Buddies of Arizona is different: All of our leaders of our support groups are themselves breast cancer survivors and all of our facilitators are volunteers, not paid staff.”

Bosom Buddies of Arizona supports men and women of all ages and in all stages of breast cancer, along with the caregivers who love them. Their group meetings are held in several locations throughout the Phoenix metro area to provide education, conversations and the support you need.


Circle of Hope-Breast Cancer Support Group is a closed Facebook group for women to share information that would help others find a solution for a particular problem during their journey through breast cancer. The purpose of the group is to give hope to others and support second chances in life through educating, loving, and sharing. Members are encouraged to share stories to empower others with the confidence and knowledge in their personal journey. Encourages a positive, and encouraging environment for all breast cancer patients.



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