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Tuesday, December 12 2017

Why are women turning to LabiaSculpt and other intimate surgeries?

why women choose labiaplasty

I cannot explain how grateful I am to have FINALLY done this procedure. I feel so comfortable in my own skin. I can wear ANY clothing/ underwear I want and feel 100% comfortable. So excited to cross this MAJOR insecurity off! – BP

What are the reasons that women are asking for a LabiaSculpt surgery? What is driving thousands of women to have surgery on their most intimate parts?

LabiaSculpt: Surgical alteration of the labia is continues to be a trend-setting contender in the surgical arena, with 23% more procedures performed according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. 

In a study questionnaire “Why Women Request LabiaSculpt”

Sarah C. Sorice, M.D.; Alexander Y. Li, B.S., M.S.; Francisco L. Canales, M.D.; Heather J. Furnas, M.D. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2017;139(4):856-863.

women request surgery because of:

Physical or Functional concerns:

  • experienced tugging during intercourse 74%
  • found tight pants uncomfortable 72%
  • experienced twisting of the labia 58%
  • noted labia visibility in yoga pants 54%
  • experienced pain during intercourse, 48%
  • labia could become exposed when wearing a bathing suit 40%


  • self-conscious
  • felt less attractive to their partner
  • experienced restricted clothing choice
  • noted a negative impact on self-esteem and intimacy.

*Nearly all patients experienced at least four symptoms.


What may be some of the reasons that the labia could enlarge or change with time?

In the same study questionnaire, the authors found:-

  • 22% noticed elongation at the onset of puberty
  • 32% after childbirth
  • 18% noticing the length for as long as they could remember
  • The majority of women notice lengthening with age.

This suggests that changes with the labia could be caused by several factors and occur as a result of:-

  • Genetics
  • Hormonal changes: Puberty, Pregnancy, Menopause
  • Frequent friction and rubbing

My experience with the reasons “Why women are asking for LabiaSculpt” is not too far off from the findings in this study.

I have also noticed that many women are more curious about the procedure now than ever before. What is considered “normal” and what is “acceptable” in aesthetic surgery is constantly evolving. Education about this rapidly growing field in aesthetic surgery especially in the safety outcomes of this procedure is critical especially when it involves such an intimate part of a woman’s identity.  LabiaSculpt surgeons play a pivotal role in this to ensure that safety and outcomes are prioritized.

When performed by a well-trained surgeon, LabiaSculpt can be a very fulfilling procedure. Aesthetic procedures such as facial procedures can help improve one’s self-confidence but labiaplasty affects women differently.

This is a procedure that is being driven by women looking for a solution for their “overhanging lips” and not “feeling sexy.” They don’t like the way they look and feel about themselves and are seeking improved self-confidence.

It also involves the most intimate core of a woman’s body and any improvement affects her overall self-image and carries over to her personal relationships.

This effect has been shown in multiple studies suggesting that the psychological impact is so much more powerful than the physical improvement seen in their anatomies.

Learn more about the LabiaSculpt procedure here. Learn more about the two surgical techniques used for LabiaSculpt here.

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