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Tuesday, October 9 2018

Unveiling of the next generation of vaginal health treatments: ThermiVa® Arvati

One of the great things about practicing medicine today is the growth of technology. This has resulted in an exponential growth of medical treatment options.  We have not seen a steeper growth curve than now!

How it all started for me

3 years ago, non-surgical vaginal treatments were barely existent. In 2015, I visited a physician whom I had never previously met to learn how to help women with concerns of urinary leakage, vaginal dryness, and other intimate issues. These issues were not spoken of, even within the closest circle of friends. Little did I know that my visit to Laguna Beach, to the office of Dr. Red Alinsod, would completely change my practice and my professional life. That day, I was introduced to a small “wand” called ThermiVa® that, when used to treat the female intimate area would result in positive changes.

I was the first physician to use the ThermiVa® in Arizona. I was skeptical at first.  Every treatment that I did in the first 30 days was “too good to be truesuffers  Were we on to something that could potentially help millions of women who did not have a good solution for their intimate problems?

My initial skepticism was disputed the more I continue to learn about this technology. This might be the real deal. Could this be the start of a revolutionary concept that could help women improve some of their real day-to-day problems that they were currently facing?  Would the concerns of leaky bladder, loss of moisture, the hassle of panty-liners and perhaps, diapers be potentially avoided?

The explosion of technology

Since then, I have treated hundreds of patients and have been able to learn from outcomes…what worked, and what did not. I have learned how to elevate the probability for success for each patient, by controlling and enhancing the factors that we have control over.

We have been able to combine other synergistic treatments to produce even better results. The use of platelet rich plasma (PRP)  in the O-shot®, invented and popularized by Dr. Charles Runels, another brilliant mind, was instrumental to create an explosion of new devices in this area by many medical device companies.

Today, a large portion of my practice focuses on women’s health. The field of female intimate health has grown > 40% each year. With new surgical techniques and tools, we are now able to perform safe surgeries in the office using  in-office nitrous-oxide and long-acting local anesthetics.

The combination of these radiofrequency and laser devices, together with regenerative solutions such as platelet-rich-plasma and placental-based growth factors has allowed me to provide women with good options to help maintain their intimate tissues. I hope that the fear of wearing diapers and facing embarrassing situations at social events will be a thing of the past.

I am super excited to be practicing medicine during this time. The future is bright for all women.

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What does the future hold for women?

I am excited to unveil the next generation of the ThermiVA® treatment at our practice. The ThermiVa®  Arvati platform.  Just like three years ago, our practice is the first practice in Arizona to offer this advance treatment to all women.

This treatment is also a part of our signature XX Revolution™ Restore and Transform Programs.  These programs were specifically created to help guide women on treatments they may need for long-term maintenance of intimate health.

By using the experience of learning through direct patient treatments and the scientific breakthroughs of many other like-minded clinicians, we are now able to create more predictable and successful outcomes. The topic of women’s health has also been featured in an increasing number of scientific meeting across different specialities, and the response from industry has been overwhelmingly competitive.

I believe that the next phase of women’s health is just beginning…..and I am proud to say that we are right on track.

To learn more about vaginal rejuvenation options or to learn more about the ThermiVa® Arvati platform. Call our Scottsdale office at (480) 771-7771 for a consultation with Cheri Ong, MD, FACS.


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