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Thursday, June 9 2016

Does THERMIVA™ Treat Vaginal Dryness ?

Many post or peri-menopausal women suffer from vaginal dryness, mainly due to the reduction of estrogen levels in the body. Hormone replacement therapy is a good treatment option for vaginal dryness. Nowadays, there are also other adjunctive treatments. These are helpful for patients who are unable to tolerate estrogen therapy such as those with certain type of estrogen sensitive cancers.

Devices such as the ThermiVA™ can help improve vaginal dryness by stimulating a change in the “health of the vaginal lining “. It stimulates blood flow to the area which increases the production of collagen. Tighter new collagen that is more pliable and soft. This increased collagen thickens the vaginal lining and reduces the occurrence of painful intercourse. Many women who have long standing dryness are able to tolerate the ThermiVA™ treatments since the handpiece is slim and designed to follow the curve of the vagina compared to the larger handpieces of CO2 lasers.

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