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Friday, September 21 2018

The secret to maintaining your vaginal rejuvenation results is easier than you think

What can i do to maintain my vaginal rejuvenation results?

Over the years, we have seen many life-changing experiences for women who have braved the way in the field of vaginal rejuvenation. Many of you have shared your stories with other women to help them navigate through the challenges of aging and the bodily changes that occur that occur because of it.

Many of you have experienced the positive effects of our treatments with ThermiVA® for improvements in:

  1. Sexual function
  2. Vaginal dryness
  3. Improved bladder control
  4. Vaginal tightness

Here at Ong Institute, we take pride in being in the forefront of technology and make it our responsibility to lead the way when in comes to female health issues. We are always looking for the next best technology or how we can push our results to the next level. We have recently upgraded to the ThermiVa Arvati® system, a more powerful RF treatment, being the first practice in Arizona to offer this revolutionary technology.

With the current options of radio frequency technology, regenerative platforms, and non-hormonal topical growth factors, we have come a long way in having very successful outcomes in the treatment of functional issues affecting women.

XX Revolution™ Home Program: Introducing an effective home treatment program that would be a direct extension of the professional treatments you get at our office.

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You are not ALONE:

In a recent study of 2300 women, 50% experienced bladder leakage and 65% experienced dryness and painful sex. This is more common that you think!

vFit Plus™

vFit PLUS™ is a medical grade device a.k.a “Home ThermiVA® machine” at our practice.  Here is a video explaining how it works.

This home device is an extension of your professional treatment which will allow for the continued positive effects of regeneration in between treatments, done in the comfort of your own home.

If you are not a fan of performing pelvic muscle exercises or “Kegel’s” or not sure whether you are doing things correctly, let technology help you.

Here’s the clinical data about the technology published in the Urogynecology Journal.

  • 90% women had improvement in bladder leakage
  • 82% had increase in pelvic floor strength
  • 81% improvement in sexual function

How often should I do it?

10 minutes every other day is all that you need.

Keep it simple :- One treatment 10 minutes every other day.

How does it work?

This machine uses photobiomodulation.  What that means is that it uses light and heat, to create positive change in your cells.

Just like how ThermiVa® treatments can cause change in your cells through radio frequency energy, this device uses infrared and LED lights in addition to vibratory muscle stimulation to help induce:-

  1. Repair
  2. Remodeling
  3. Reduction in inflammation
  4. Increase moisture
  5. Increase elasticity

This will in turn:

  1. Improve vaginal tightness
  2. Improve bladder control
  3. Improve moisture

Light, heat and vibration in one device to maintain your results so you have time to carry on with your life and prepare for the day ahead!

How is it best used?

This is a great device for home use.
It is not as powerful as the treatments you get the office. That is why we are providing this as an extension of your treatment here.
For those wanting improved moisture, using it with our topical vaginal growth factors is a great treatment option because the LED lights will open up channels through the photobiomodulation effect to allow improved absorption of the growth factors.

Introducing our XX Revolution™ home program

We are please to introduce the XX Revolution™ Home Program, our exclusive comprehensive program using 3 different technologies:-

  1. Photomodulation ( vFit Plus™)
  2. Non-hormonal growth factors for vaginal health.
  3. Lady Suite™ botanical oil for outer labial health and appearance.

Each component of the home program is specific to addressing different aspects of vaginal and vulva health so you can feel comfortable and confident in between in-office treatments.

Please call us at 480-771-771 to learn more about non-hormonal treatment options to improve your intimate wellness.

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