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Thursday, June 1 2017

Does being a “righty” or “lefty” affect your ability to have sex?

Left or right handed


The four-eyed fish…. Interesting facts. 


What if your chances of having sex is determined by whether you are a “righty” or a “lefty”?

The Anableps Anableps is called the four-eyed fish. A horizontal band of tissue splits the eye into to lobes: each with its own pupil and lobe. Allows it to see in and out of the water simultaneously while swimming.  Definitely an advantage for survival from predators and feeding.

However, when it comes to sex….

The gonopodium (male’s sex organ) and the females opening are turned only to the right or the left. Which means that a “righty” male is built to copulate only with a “lefty” female. This means a 50% chance of finding a compatible mate. Interesting fact of nature!

Thankfully,  we don’t have to solely rely on our pre-existing anatomy to have sex.  There are also new treatment options that are available to address the common concerns that women face as a result of aging and hormonal changes. Concerns such as:

1.Pain and discomfort during sex caused by vaginal dryness.

2. Looseness

3. Loss of sensation

Can be improved with regenerative medicine and radiofrequency or laser treatments. These non-surgical options have been life-changing for many of our patients. Since about 60% of women have some degree of sexual dysfunction, there are many women that can feel more confident about themselves as a result of these treatments.  Learn more about the ThermiVa ™ and the O-shot™   and how they can help with these issues.




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