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Friday, June 2 2017

Let’s Talk Girly Parts

why women love labiaplasty

During the summer months, we most often think about the parts of the body that everyone will see. Men and women may increase their physical activity to tighten and tone before swimsuit weather. Tummy tucks and liposuction procedures may be on everyone’s “want” list. But there’s more to physical rejuvenation, and more women are starting to talk about it. By “it,” we mean LabiaSculpt surgery.

You may have heard of LabiaSculpt surgery as a procedure that gives you a designer vagina. The Kardashian sisters and other reality stars have brought this important feminine issue to the forefront by openly discussing their laser vaginal rejuvenation procedures (ThermiVa™). Sometimes, a little more than a zap is needed. LabiaSculpt is the brief, precise surgical procedure through which the external female genitalia is, shall we say, refined.

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Why Women love LabiaSculpt Surgery

Customizing the symmetry and size of the labia minora or majora is not only about cosmetic appearance, but it is also largely about comfort. When the external lips are long or oversized, they can become pinched or stuck in clothing; chafing may even occur. Ouch! Clearly, there may come the point when combined with vaginal dryness, enlarged labia can also inhibit full sexual satisfaction. No one wants to have the idea of painful intercourse in the back of their mind when the mood is right.

How LabiaSculpt Surgery Helps

  • Labia Minoraplasty is the procedure that focuses on reducing the length or overall size of the inner pieces of tissue at the vaginal opening.
  • Labia Majoraplasty carefully removes a crescent-shaped section of skin from the larger, outer lips to reduce size for improved comfort.
  • The clitoral hood reduction may coincide with LabiaSculpt surgery to mitigate the risk of looking “top heavy” in that important nether region. This is an in-office procedure centered on the skin to the sides of the clitoris, not the nerve-filled area itself.

LabiaSculpt procedures are intricate, but typically require only a few hours for the surgery itself.  The initial healing process takes slightly over a week, during which swelling and discomfort can be easily managed with ice and medication. Dr. Ong utilizes the precision of the Ellman RF device to precisely shape and contour the labia to create the look you desire.

Learn more about vaginal rejuvenation with LabiaSculpt surgery, or with our non-surgical ThermiVa™ treatment. Call our Scottsdale office at (480) 771-7771 to get your girly parts ready for the summer!

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