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Monday, July 3 2017

The Importance of the Female Orgasm Will No Longer be Ignored

O-Shot, Scottsdale

It seems that we see the transition toward female empowerment on a daily basis. Women are waking up to and speaking up for their needs. One of those needs is to have satisfying sexual experiences. At the Ong Institute in Scottsdale, AZ, patients can improve sexual health with the O-shot®.

The conversation surrounding women’s sexual wellness is still new. According to research, less than 20% of women broach the topic of sex with their healthcare provider. In many cases, doing so only results in frustration or discomfort, if the physician does not have the insight or training to address such issues. No more avoiding!  There are now solutions to women ready for the change.

What is the O-Shot®?

The O-Shot ® originated with experimentation using platelet-rich plasma, or PRP. This blood product is safe and effective and is now routinely used to rejuvenation skin cells on the face and to stimulate new hair growth on the scalp. Platelet-rich plasma has also been widely used in regenerative medicine to aid in wound and post-surgical healing. This use became common because PRP stimulates blood vessels, collagen production, and stem cell regeneration in the area of administration. Clinical use of PRP by Dr. Charles Runels led to an important discovery: the direct introduction of this substance into the female genitalia could significantly improve sexual wellness.

Let’s Go Further

Ok, so injecting a derivative of one’s blood into the vaginal area or clitoris allows a woman to go further toward orgasm than has been possible. How is this so?

Platelets are a highly-concentrated substance within the blood. To access this product, blood must be spun in a centrifuge. The spinning process separates out glycoproteins or growth factors that can then be reintroduced to a target area of the body. In this case, the female genitalia is that target. Over the course of a few months (results begin to occur within days), these growth factors stimulate stem cells to produce new cells. This new growth of tissue occurs simultaneously to the generation of fibroblast growth factors. These growth factors are responsible for facilitating new blood vessel formation for wound healing.

As tissue growth progresses, patients are likely to notice a heightened state of arousal and responsiveness to sexual stimulation. Also, the regeneration of tissue at the vaginal opening significantly reduces symptoms of stress urinary incontinence.

Are you interested in learning how to reduce urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness and improve sexual wellness? Let’s Talk. Call our Scottsdale office to schedule an O-Shot® consultation.

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