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“I couldn’t be happier with my outcome”

I couldn't be happier with my outcome. After 2/3 very bad surgeries to make my healthy breast match the one that was removed, I had pretty much given up of them ever looking normal and actually matching. My oncologist, Doctor Kato had highly recommended Doctor Ong, oh did I luck out!! She is beyond amazing, professional and kind, with a staff to match. I'm beyond impressed, my surgery was 3 days ago, she took the bandages off today and I'm so very pleased. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! - M. Mac - Fountain Hills, AZ

“Every medical professional who sees Dr. Ong’s work wants to know who did it because it’s so exceptional”

Dr. Ong performed the reconstruction from my bilateral mastectomy. She and her team supported me through the entire process and the end result is beautiful. I am forever grateful for the time they spent with me explaining the surgeries and setting expectations. I couldn’t be happier with the results from my reconstruction surgery. If that weren’t enough, every medical professional who sees Dr. Ong’s work wants to know who did it because it’s so exceptional! - Ann S. - Phoenix, AZ

“Other physicians spoke highly of her and her work”

Dr. Ong recently performed the reconstruction after my bilateral mastectomy. During my initial consult, Dr. Ong was very informative about the procedure but also spend time discussing my current mental and emotional well-being. Dr. Ong's was holistic in my medical care and also gave me the most current and state of the art treatment. My other physicians also spoke highly of her and her work. Thank you for everything Dr. Ong! I am so thankful for you and your team! - Hayley - Gilbert, AZ

“Compassionate professional through a difficult time in my life”

Dr. Cheri Ong has been a compassionate professional through a difficult time in my life. I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in December 2015. Dr. Ong instantly put me at ease. I knew the moment I met her I had found my surgeon! Dr. Ong is an expert in her field, she educated me well about my surgery and did a beautiful job. My husband and I are both thrilled with my reconstruction. - L. Alexander

“I look like a new person”

After 2/3 botched surgeries after my mastectomy I had pretty much given up on being fixed, I was referred by my oncologist probably 2 years ago and put it off. 
Boy, did I get lucky with Doctor Ong!!! 
She performed surgery this past Tues, bandages came off today & I look like a new person, I am so very pleased & very grateful. Thank you so much!! Nothing short of a miracle. - M. McKenzie

“I love working with her”

Dr. Ong was referred to me for breast cancer lumpectomy reconstruction and I have then gone on to have a few more procedures with her. I love working with her. She listens, thinks things through and helped guide me to make the right decisions. She calls to follow up and really cares about her patients, research and new techniques. Strongly recommend. - L. Kahn

“Takes the time to educate and inform you of any procedure or natural ways to continue to keep you healthy”

I met Dr. Ong at the Virginia Piper Cancer Center for a Breast Cancer Awareness event. 
She is one of those Doctors who genuinely cares for her patients (new or existing). She takes the time to educate and inform you of any procedure or natural ways to continue to keep you healthy. 
I'll be back to use some of her other services in the near future. - D. Jayne

“Wonderful, compassionate and skilled reconstructive surgeon”

I worked with Dr. Ong for a short while and in that time, realized what a wonderful, compassionate and skilled reconstructive surgeon she is. She takes great care to get to know her patients and help them on the path to wellness. I work for a plastic surgery practice and all breast reconstruction patients are referred to Dr. Cheri Ong because she really cares and makes a difference in her patients’ lives and their family's lives. - M. Johnson


I first had a consultation with Dr. Ong. She went over the procedure, and what it entailed. She was well-spoken, took her time with me, and answered my questions. I went to see Dr. Ong, because after having five children, I had a prolapsed uterus. After only the first treatment, (the series includes 3 treatments), the pressure from the prolapse was gone, and my internal muscles were tighter. It is now easier, and more efficient to practice Kegal exercises. The treatment only takes a half hour, and there is no pain or downtime at all. - Nitmard

I Never Had an Orgasm, Didn’t Even Know if I Had a G- Spot.

After I had my first child my labia was torn and uneven and I was never happy with how it looked. I also never liked that I had never had an orgasm, and I didn't even know if I had a g-spot; even clitoral orgasms took me a long time. My friend had told me about ThermiVa that Dr. Ong was doing and I called and scheduled a consultation that day. When I met with her, she was so kind and didn't make me feel uncomfortable at all. She thoroughly went over how this procedure would benefit me and I knew it was the right thing for me. I scheduled for three procedures, starting two weeks later. I have had two of them done now,... continue reading >

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