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Friday, February 15 2019

Dry skin? Here’s How to Protect Your Skin during the colder months.

If you’re interested in preserving the youthful nature of your skin and want to avoid the common irritation that occurs in the winter months, moisture is the name of the game you want to start playing. Because we still have a few months of cooler, drier air ahead, there is no time like the present to give your skin some special attention. Our experienced staff can help.

Moisture and Nutrients Need a Pathway

One of the primary tips suggested to offset the dryness that may occur as temperatures drop is to moisturize the skin differently. Those light and airy lotions we used during the summer? They should have been tossed weeks ago. Instead, our skin will retain its glow and softness if we apply emollient creams or nourishing oils right after a bath or shower. Hydrating serums can be layers one on top of another to lock moisture against facial skin. These are all good tips. However, jumping straight into product use, we miss an incredible opportunity to actually get results from our daily actions.

For the skin to truly be transformed by any product, a pathway must be present. Just about every one of us who wants to slow their aging process or address dermatologic concerns has an obstructed pathway to great skin. That obstruction is our own cells. So, if you are not seeing the results you want with your wintertime skincare routine, we invite you to visit our Scottsdale office, where we can clean the slate of your skin.

Lasers to the Rescue

Laser treatments are popular during the winter months because we generally aren’t in the sun as much as we are at other times of the year. Now is the best time to schedule a laser treatment to refresh the appearance of your skin for the coming seasons. Two ways this can be accomplished include our MicroLaser Peel® and the ProFractional® laser treatment. Each is so gentle on its own that they could be performed as a powerful beautifying combo.

MicroLaser Peel® treatment is a mild resurfacing technique that quickly and comfortably removes the uppermost layers of tissue which is largely made up of cellular debris. The elimination of these superficial cells is followed up with the use of nourishing, hydrating products that support ongoing rejuvenation. MicroLaser treatment is conducted with topical numbing cream if so desired. Patients who feel nervous about their laser resurfacing may also take advantage of our ProNox™ comfort system. This technique boosts the pain threshold and decreases nervousness with self-administered nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

ProFractional laser resurfacing is a fractionated technique that delivers pulses of laser energy in a narrow microbeam pattern that affects only a percentage of the skin’s surface. Fractional resurfacing is advantageous because it is gentler than fully-ablative resurfacing and the untouched tissue actually promotes faster healing after treatment.

MicroLaser Peel® and ProFractional laser resurfacing are customized treatments that can help you renew your skin in the new year. Schedule your consultation for treatment at (480) 771-7771.

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