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Wednesday, March 20 2019

Are you ready for a facelift?

For much of the history of cosmetic surgery, the way to reverse the signs of facial aging has been to surgically reposition the tissue beneath the skin’s surface. Today, we’ve got a virtual smorgasbord of treatments that are capable of tightening and lifting and plumping and then some. These choices present us with more opportunity to meet our needs. They may also make it difficult to decide which approach is best. We offer an in-between: the Silhouette InstaLift™.

Not everyone needs a full lift. In fact, many of the men and women who seek more information about facelift surgery are smack dab in those years we call mid-life. Between the ages of 40 and 60, the degree of aging that has occurred varies quite a bit from one person to another. Rarely is this change so dramatic that a full facelift is needed. That’s why we are so excited about the Silhouette InstaLift and the way that this technique meets our patients’ needs.

How the InstaLift Differs from a Traditional Facelift

A conventional surgical facelift is usually performed in a surgical center on an outpatient basis. General anesthesia is needed, and because there are incisions made, there tends to be a fair amount of swelling and bruising after this procedure. That means a few weeks of downtime for recovery. The Silhouette InstaLift was developed as an office treatment. No anesthesia, just local anesthetic to numb the nerve endings in the face. No incisions, just the insertion of a dissolvable thread made of Polyglycolide/L-lactide (PLGA). What makes this thread special is the bi-directional cones that sit on it. When the thread has been inserted beneath the skin, these cones adhere to anchor points that then support the skin in a lifted position.

The Silhouette InstaLift lives up to its name because the results are immediately noticeable. Furthermore, as the biocompatible thread dissolves, fibroblasts deep beneath the surface are stimulated to produce more collagen. This influx of collagen promotes skin firmness and longer-lasting results.

What a Silhouette InstaLift Can Do

The objective of InstaLift treatment is to lift the appearance of the skin on the face. When skin is supported by its anchor points across the thread, the cheeks are lifted into a more youthful contour and the appearance of jowls is significantly reduced.

Facial aging isn’t something we have to chase anymore. To see how a Silhouette InstaLift can refresh your face, call our Scottsdale office at (480) 771-7771.

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