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Monday, March 11 2019

What You Need to Know About Exercise After Cosmetic Surgery

Diet, exercise, and cosmetic surgery go hand-in-hand for many people. This is true even if the procedure that is being considered focuses on the face instead of the body. In instances of body contouring, most patients who seek surgical intervention have tried to achieve the toned, slim physique they want by eating well, losing weight, and exercising regularly. As we have come to know, these strategies are great for general health and wellness but may not help us attain our desired appearance. For the final touch, surgery may be needed.

Whatever your interest is, whether related to body contouring or facial rejuvenation – what you do after surgery matters. Here, we discuss the issue of exercise after cosmetic surgery and offer tips on how to respond to the desire to “get back to it.”

How to Approach Post-Surgical Workouts

There are several reasons why your surgeon will encourage you to take time off after your surgical procedure. Some guidelines are relevant to particular procedures, such as not lifting objects over 10 pounds for the first few weeks after breast augmentation. Other guidelines, like those discussed here, apply to just about every patient across the board.

  • Give your body a few days of complete rest. Complete rest looks like staying in bed as much as your body tells you to. Depending on your surgery, the most you may move is to get to the bathroom and back to bed. Surgery takes a toll on the body, as does anesthesia. A few days is nothing in the grand scheme of living the rest of your life in the body you have always wanted.
  • Be kind – to your body, that is. Often, the excitement about a great new shape incites a strong desire to hit it hard in the exercise arena. Don’t do this. When that urge hits, think about your absolute lightest workout and then go even lighter and shorter than that. For the first few weeks after surgery, the sole priority is to recover; period.
  • Stay in tune. Did you know that one of the benefits reported by people who have undergone cosmetic surgery is that they feel more in tune with their body? This may be because attunement is vital during recovery. If, when you resume working out, you experience any degree of pain in your surgical area, you need to stop. You need to step back into rest mode for a day or two.

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