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Thursday, November 9 2017

Vampires Don’t Come out Only at Night

Historically, vampires have gotten a bit of a bad rap. We may love references to these nocturnal oddities in movies and television, but not so much in real life. In our Scottsdale office, vampires coming out during the day can be a good thing, because our Vampires have a positive effect on your skin!

Let’s Talk Vampire Facial™ and Vampire Facelift™

These two techniques are still in their upward swing regarding popularity. The Vampire Facial was first made notable by Kim Kardashian after the reality star posted images of herself midway through her skin rejuvenating treatment, looking a bit red in the face, to be honest. The appearance of an (albeit, beautiful) blood-splattered face was at first a bit disturbing. However, discerning men and women looked beyond the immediate shock and saw value in the use of autologous blood product for gorgeous skin.

The Vampire Facial is just one of two techniques available in our practice. Patients may want to go one step further in their rejuvenation process and obtain a Vampire Facelift. Each procedure is based on the immense power of PRP, or platelet-rich plasma. In the basic facial treatment, PRP is applied to the skin throughout a microneedling treatment. Microneedling is a mechanized process of penetrating the skin with tiny needles. The depth of penetration is adjusted from .5 mm up to 2 mm depending on the part of the face or body being treated. A Vampire Facelift, versus Vampire Facial, follows this same process, and also includes immediate wrinkle reduction and volumizing with dermal fillers.

Why Is PRP so special?

The value of PRP is that this blood product contains growth factors. PRP is valuable in regenerative medicine and is often included in orthopedic surgeries and non-surgical joint treatments. When introduced into the soft tissues of the face and body, PRP prompts the release of more than eight vital proteins and growth factors in the dermis. These compounds work continues to grow new tissue and foster cellular activity for greater tightness and elasticity. This means fewer wrinkles, younger-looking skin, less redness and acne scarring, and greater vibrancy – all without side effects.

One of the aspects of care that Dr. Ong’s patients appreciate is her interest in natural solutions to aging. Learn more about PRP treatments by calling our Scottsdale office at (480) 771-7771.

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