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Thursday, February 8 2018

Tummy Tuck: A Practice in Patience

When you want to correct muscle separation and laxity that occurs as a result of weight and pregnancy, it is natural to want results sooner rather than later. It is enough of practice in patience to have to implement a healthy diet and regular exercise, to then realize that these habits aren’t going to give you the exact curves you’d like to see on your body. It is this frustration that leads many people to visit their plastic surgeon to talk about abdominoplasty.

Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck surgery, exceeds the capabilities of nonsurgical skin tightening treatments for excessive abdominal laxity. It also outdoes what is possible with liposuction alone. Liposuction can reduce the layer of subcutaneous fat that lies beneath the skin, but it cannot correct looseness that has originated with the stretching of muscles and tissue. When considering the benefits of a tummy tuck, it is also important to fortify your patience yet again, because the full results of this procedure can take some time to become obvious.

Abdominoplasty Post-op: Month One

What happens during a tummy tuck is that abdominal tissue is precisely draped and tightened, with excess tissue excised before sutures are placed to secure a tighter position. This is somewhat traumatic to tissues, regardless of the gentleness of our technique. Therefore, month one after abdominoplasty will include significant swelling. In fact, some patients feel like their abdomen looks larger rather than flatter. Rest assured, this is swelling, and it will go away. To minimize post-operative swelling, patients are instructed to wear a compression garment. The consistent pressure on healing tissues also provides support that increases comfort during recovery.

Abdominoplasty Post-op: Month Three

It is about the 3-month mark after tummy tuck surgery when swelling subsides enough to begin to see a final result on the horizon. It is also at this time when tissues have healed enough for you to be back in the swing of things regarding your normal daily activities. At this stage of recovery, patients are encouraged to work out safely and continue listening to their body’s need for rest. Eating well provides the body with necessary nutrients to progressively heal, form scar tissue, and sustain energy.

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