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Tuesday, September 19 2017

Tips for a Successful Breast Augmentation Process

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most frequently sought and talked-about procedures aimed at improving a woman’s figure. Because this cosmetic surgery has been performed for so many years, there has been ample time for pre- and post-operative guidelines to not only be developed but also to be refined.

Before surgery day, patients of our Scottsdale office will be provided with clear instructions for post-operative care. We also walk patients through the few pre-operative steps that need to be taken, such as having a mammogram or other diagnostic testing. What we want to discuss in this blog post are the tips for a smooth recovery that may not be quite so obvious.

Preparing for Pain Management

There is a great deal of value in filling your prescription for pain medication before the day of surgery. The effects of anesthesia and local pain medication during breast augmentation may linger for several hours. However, you do not want to wait until these effects dissipate to begin your pain management protocol. Follow your post-operative instructions regarding the frequency and dosing of pain medication, no matter how good you feel.

Preparing for Comfort

Preparing for comfort is not the same as keeping your prescription pain medication nearby after surgery. Comfort is much more nuanced, so much so that it can be easy to neglect. First, let’s talk about emotional comfort. Surgery is taxing on the body and the mind. Fatigue is normal after undergoing any surgical procedure, and this can lead to “the blues.” As a preemptive step, patients are encouraged to ask a friend or family member to stay with them for at least the first 24 hours after breast augmentation. The company of another person can substantially reduce post-operative stress.

The idea of comfort also encompasses your environment. The less mess that clutters your home, the better. Before surgery, spend some time considering how you might wish to be pampered after you return from the surgical suite or hospital. Soft pillows? Heavy blankets? Your favorite movies and books or magazines? The effort put into creating a safe and inviting environment is very rewarding during the short recovery period after surgery.

This may be an obvious tip for a smooth breast augmentation recovery, but we feel that it’s important to remind patients of the need to stop smoking weeks before surgery. In addition to avoiding chemicals and foods that deplete the body, it is beneficial to add nutrients through healthy meals as often as possible.

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