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Sunday, June 4 2017

When Thinking About Liposuction, Don’t Forget Your Skin

Liposuction is a great way to finally bid farewell to the stubborn fat that has demanded a lifelong love affair with your body. When you have come to a point where diet and exercise have accomplished all that they can, but a certain area, such as the buttocks or the abdomen, simply refuses to obey your wishes, it’s time to consider getting a little help. Liposuction is a gentle procedure that has been used worldwide for decades. Recent technological advance has made this process of fat-reduction even better, minimizing post-operative recovery without diminishing results.

There is a lot to gain by losing those last pockets of fat. However, there are important considerations that need to be made before your liposuction procedure. Namely, how you will address your skin. Not everyone will need an adjunct procedure to tighten loose skin. If the possibility is there, though, you want to know your options.

It used to be that skin tightening in conjunction with liposuction meant a secondary surgical procedure like abdominoplasty. It is not uncommon for the two to coincide still today. This doesn’t necessarily require an entirely new surgery; the two are conducted one right after the other. However, a dual procedure may not be what you want, nor what you need. Scottsdale cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ong maximizes the effects of liposuction using ThermiTight™, an innovative, micro-invasive therapy for skin tightening.

New Technology for an Age-Old Problem

Reducing the size of your waist or buttocks is a great thing, but your joy may be diminished when you realize that loose skin is here to stay. After liposuction is complete, ThermiTight™ treatment can be conducted at the target site to lift and tone.

How does it work?

A tiny probe is inserted beneath the skin. From the tip of this probe, radio frequency waves are emitted. As they come into contact with existing strands of collagen, immediate tightening occurs. Further improvement occurs as new collagen floods the area of tissue that has been precisely heated with radio frequency. Over time, this increase rebuilds collagen stores for noticeable tightening that lasts.

We want you to achieve the exact look you want. Learn more about liposuction and skin tightening when you call our Scottsdale office at (480) 771-7771.



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