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Friday, May 24 2019

Stop Believing These Ideas about Hair Loss

For centuries, humans have been losing their hair. For much of recent history, there has been intense interest in finding out why hair loss happens to some and not to others. In our quest for answers (and solutions), we have come to some fascinating conclusions about the potential causes of hair loss. The thing is, we’ve got to know what is valid and what is a mere theory if we want to address this issue successfully. Here, we point out a few ideas about what causes hair loss that are nothing more than myth.

My Mom’s father is balding, so I will go bald, too.

It is true that we inherit physical traits from our family. A prevailing theory is that hair color and texture, and also the potential for hair loss, stems from a person’s maternal grandfather, or mother’s father. According to multiple studies on male pattern baldness, traits affecting the hair growth cycle don’t just come from one person; they are passed down from a collection of genes from a number of ancestors.

I have always worn a ball cap or beanie; that’s why my hair is thinning.

Beanies and ball caps have been in style for as long as many of us can remember. However, men (and women) have been losing their hair for far longer than these hats have been around. Hat-wearing can only relate to hair loss when said hat is worn so tightly that it damages the hair follicles by pulling on strands of hair. Unless you’re an avid swimmer who wears a cap in the pool, chances are your hats are never so tight that they could pull your hair out. A common cause of this type of hair loss, traction alopecia, is hair extensions, placed too tightly.

Learn More About Hair Restoration Treatments in Scottsdale

The Ong Institute has established a hair rejuvenation program that looks at the various aspects of hair loss. In addition to awareness and education, our program incorporates a multi-dimensional treatment phase that may include microneedling, peptide therapy, PRP or other growth factor therapy options for hair restoration  such as placental-based tissue and stem cell therapy.

Hair loss is not a disease, it is a symptom of what is going on in your body. Unless we treat the “root” cause, long term and predictable results will not be obtained. Our treatment program is aimed at long term success for improvement of your health at the cellular level with nutrient therapies as well as improving hair growth with innovative regenerative options.  Long term success means that we identify and optimize the environment (your body) in addition to local scalp treatments as a comprehensive approach to the problem.

Hair loss has historically presented challenges for men and women, but those can now be overcome with innovative therapies. To learn more about our hair rejuvenation program, call (480) 771-7771.

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