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Saturday, May 15 2021

Oh, the Power of Ozone for Optimal Wellness!

Here at Ong Institute, we are interested in helping people feel their best. In addition to outstanding surgical care, Dr. Cheri Ong has established a wellness center within our practice that addresses the issues of aging directly and effectively. One way that we are helping patients thrive is through ozone therapy. Here, we discuss the benefits of hyperbaric ozone treatments for better health and vitality.

What is Ozone Therapy All About?

Ozone is not something that most people associate with the body. It is an aspect of the environment that we really don’t think about. We could call ozone a form of “excited” oxygen; O3 is only one molecule greater than oxygen (O2). The extra molecule has a lot of power. It’s that extra molecule that makes ozone a powerful antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial agent. When introduced into the atmosphere, ozone cleans up the air. When introduced into the body, it destroys the pathogens that are involved in acute and chronic health conditions. 

So Ozone Therapy is for “Sick” People?

Ozone therapy has been successfully used to treat a variety of infectious conditions as well as chronic diseases, yes. However, the powerful effects of ozone for those fighting illness does not mean it is limited to such use. Today, many people are striving to live their best lives. People are committed to peak performance. Ozone is applicable in these cases, too. Systemic ozone therapy like hyperbaric ozone treatments can reduce inflammation and increase antioxidant activity that combats oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress is the condition related to premature aging and the breakdown of vitality we have long associated with old age. 

Some of the conditions that tend to respond well to ozone therapy include:

  • Auto-immune disease
  • Colds and the flu
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Herpes
  • Intestinal conditions
  • Memory disorders
  • Shingles
  • And more

Ozone Therapy Applications

Ozone is used in a number of ways today. Dentists may use ozonated water to rinse the mouth after dental procedures. Some apply ozone into periodontal spaces to treat infection. Dr. Ong uses ozone topically as well as systemically. Treatment is developed around each patient’s condition, medical history, and desired outcome. The biological therapy, when introduced into the blood, may be administered at low doses, then increased over time as tolerated. Hyperbaric ozone therapy is a more rapid delivery technique that boosts cellular response to triggers such as bacteria, fungus, or viruses. Patients need no downtime and typically have no side effects after treatment. 

Boost your wellness with ozone. Contact our Scottsdale office at (480) 771-7771 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ong.

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