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Tuesday, December 15 2020

Liposuction: Is it Worth It?

Of the many cosmetic procedures people can choose from today, we continually see liposuction within the Top 5. This procedure, which manually and systematically extracts fat cells from one or more areas of the body, has consistently demonstrated good results with minimal downtime. The fact that liposuction is popular does tell us something. It tells us that many people are looking for better results than they are getting with diet and exercise. Does it tell us that liposuction is worth it, though? Perhaps not. Only you can answer that question for yourself. Here, we discuss how to do that.

Where to Begin

To know if liposuction would be worth it, you could start by consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has a great deal of experience performing this procedure. We also suggest asking yourself a few questions as you’re searching for the right plastic surgeon. One of the essential questions to ask is what you want to achieve. If you’re in the process of losing weight and are turning to liposuction for help, this procedure may not be right for you. Patients might see a loss of about 5 pounds on the scale. This isn’t much, but it’s also not the purpose of liposuction. This procedure is all about appearance.

Some of the rewards achieved through liposuction include:

  • No more stubborn fat. Liposuction is an excellent procedure to eliminate a certain amount of stubborn fat for good. Common areas for persistent subcutaneous fat include the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips, flanks, and chin. While fat cells can still expand, patients who maintain healthy lifestyle habits after liposuction tend to enjoy long-lasting improvement.
  • More clothing options. One of the biggest problems presented by excess fat is that it affects how the body looks in various clothing items. A bikini? Some people strictly avoid this due to abdominal fat. Shorts? Thigh fat may stand in the way of feeling confident here, too. When excess fat is no longer protruding in a certain area, you’re able to wear all the clothes that best suit your style.
  • Better body proportions. Beauty is created in proportions, in the harmony between various physical features. Liposuction enhances features adjacent to the problem area by eliminating the problem altogether! Without excess fat in one area, the eye moves more freely, taking in the body as a whole.

Is liposuction right for you? Only you can answer that, but we can help. Learn more about the liposuction process from Dr. Cheri Ong. Call our Scottsdale office at (480) 771-7771.

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