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Sunday, June 11 2017

Hair PRP Treatment With Growth Factor-Induced Therapy

PRP treatment for hair loss

Many have seen and heard radio DJ and iHeart super star JohnJay talk about his hair PRP treatment.  What exactly did Dr. Ong do to treat his scalp to help stimulate hair growth?


PRP - Ask the Patient Article

Here is a step-by-step explanation of what was done during the procedure.

  1. Blood was drawn to be processed in order to “create” PRP.  A total of 60cc of blood was drawn. Here is what PRP is.
  2. Numbing cream was placed on the front of the scalp.
  3. A scalp block was performed. Local anesthetic was injected using a small needle to block the nerves supplying the front and the back of the scalp.
  4. Micro-needling was performed with growth factors around the hair follicles. This is a technique where very small holes  (microscopic) are made in the scalp  to create an  injury around the follicles. This step stimulates the release of growth factors from the platelets when the PRP is injected.
  5. Injection of platelet-rich plasma in the scalp around the hair follicles. The injection has to be done well and at the correct depth in the scalp in order to produce the intended results of hair growth.
  6. Growth factor Induced Therapy: Four treatments of additional micro-needling (once a week) with human-derived growth factors.
  7. Daily topical application of these growth factors onto the scalp.  These growth factors are specifically formulated for hair growth through research and science.
  8. Continued use of the Capillus 272 laser cap ( low-level light therapy) and hair products after the treatment.
  9. Shower and normal styling products for hair starting the next day after treatment with no downtime from work or other activities.



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