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Wednesday, December 15 2021

Facial Rejuvenation: Is an InstaLift Enough?

As we reflect on our appearance after a certain age, we cannot help but notice fine lines, wrinkles, and some sagging in certain areas. When these common signs of aging occur, we have three basic choices. We can simply care for our skin with good products and sunscreen, prolong more youthful tissue behaviors with lasers and other collagen-inducing treatments, or we can have plastic surgery. If you fall somewhere in the middle, you may be interested in evaluating whether or not the Silhouette InstaLift procedure would give you the degree of rejuvenation you want.

What is a Thread Lift?

The term thread lift describes the Silhouette InstaLift process to a T. It is also a term that may cause some people to look for other options. Thread lift techniques are not new. The early procedures were less-than-satisfactory, which created somewhat of a stigma that later thread lift techniques are still overcoming. The Silhouette InstaLift is more effective and also more conservative. The barbed threads of the past are gone, replaced with gentler bi-directional cones to anchor tissue in a lifted position. In addition to repositioning tissue, the Instalift threads also stimulate collagen remodeling. The result is an instant, gratifying lift complemented by ongoing collagen production for longer-lasting improvements.

How Does the Silhouette Instalift Compare to a Surgical Facelift?

Facelift surgery rejuvenates the lower regions of the face by removing excess skin and tightening the underlying muscle tissue. The procedure is performed through incisions that are hidden around the ear. A facelift can noticeably improve jowls and loose tissue on the front of the neck. It may also restore some degree of volume and contour to the cheeks. This surgical procedure is customized to each patient. Some concerns can be corrected nicely with a mini facelift. Others are more profound and are best handled with a traditional facelift or a face and neck lift combo. Due to the manipulation of the deep plane of tissue, a surgical facelift achieves more dramatic, but still natural-looking, results than a Silhouette Instalift. Results also last a decade or more, compared to about 18 months.

Why Choose Silhouette Instalift

Facelift surgery and the Instalift procedure both offer rewarding benefits. Some of the reasons patients lean toward a nonsurgical approach include:

  • Instant rejuvenation with few side effects
  • The office procedure is painless without general anesthesia
  • Minimal downtime is needed to recover
  • No incisions are made, just tiny nicks in the skin
  • Collagen stimulation enhances the outcome of treatment

Facial rejuvenation has become so customizable that it’s easy to do. The hardest part may be deciding which treatment is ideal. We can help. Contact our Scottsdale, AZ office at (480) 771-7771 to schedule a visit.

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