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Tuesday, November 15 2016

Drooping Breasts: Is Exercise the Answer?

When you observe a person who is fit and physically active, it is easy to get the impression that exercise is a great solution for many of the problems that may adversely affect body shape. We are told that crunches can tighten the abs, and that squats will round out the back side. Many women are also under the impression that, if they perform just enough fly’s or bench presses, they can tighten and tone their chest. This wouldn’t be an untrue statement, but it’s not entirely accurate, either. Here’s why . . .

Breast Anatomy 101

Breasts are comprised of fat cells and glandular tissue that lie over the pectoral muscles. As with any part of the body, the fat cells in the breasts expand if weight is gained. During pregnancy and nursing, glandular tissue also behaves in a manner that causes the breasts to enlarge. When weight decreases, fat cells all over the body can shrink; there’s no predicting just how or where this will occur. After childbirth and breastfeeding, a woman can be fairly certain that her glandular tissue will subside, which can lead to some undesirable changes to the size, shape, and slope of the breasts. These changes occur in the breast tissue, not in the muscle. Therefore, changing the muscle that runs beneath this tissue will have minimal, if any, an effect on the position of the breasts.

Getting Results

Depending on your health and fitness goals, spending time in the gym can get results. If those goals include lifted, an improved shape and  perkier breasts, the path to results is found with your trusted cosmetic plastic surgeon. Dr. Ong performs mastopexy in a meticulous manner to restore a better profile to breasts that have deflated with weight loss or with age. Some patients also choose to restore volume at the same time, choosing breast implants that accentuate their shape and proportions.

We understand that the position of breasts tends to have a direct effect on a woman’s sense of feminine beauty and youthfulness. To learn more about breast lift surgery, call our Scottsdale office.


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