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Thursday, January 4 2018

Why IV Therapy Makes Sense

A new year brings us new opportunities to shake things up and create new goals. To achieve what we set out to do, we must be highly operational. As we can see from the popularity of IV therapy, more people realize that it doesn’t have to be so difficult to enhance health and wellness and, thus, performance. We are proud to offer innovative services like our Vitamin IV to patients of our Scottsdale office. Here, we want to share with you what this modality is and what it can do for you.

IV Therapy 101

IV means intravenous. It is a delivery system that is normally associated with the administration of sedative and anesthetic drugs during surgical procedures. In addition to distribute medication, the IV method of administration can be used to introduce vital nutrients to the body. IV therapy focuses on just that; the addition of vitamins and minerals to the bloodstream.

Why We Would Do This

Normally, when we take vitamins and supplements, we do so orally. When we ingest a supplement, it must go through the digestive process to make it into the bloodstream. This could create a challenge for maximum efficacy. Let’s take vitamin C, for example. To fight the flu, the body needs a blood level of vitamin C that is approximately 15 mg/dL. To take that much vitamin C orally would cause more than a little stomach upset. IV therapy allows us to bypass this entire process and expedite the end-result without side effects.

Vitamins and minerals are needed within the cells to promote regeneration, energy, detoxification, and other vital processes. This is even more relevant when the body is in a disease state. Disease inhibits the absorption and retention of crucial nutrients needed by the cells. Therefore, it makes sense to “flood” the bloodstream with the supplements that are most needed to promote overall health.

It should not be assumed that IV therapy is necessary only to decrease the effects of the disease. Many of us are living with chronic stress, low libido, and the natural consequences of aging. IV therapies are customized to address a variety of health concerns.

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