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Thursday, April 20 2017

Why Are IV Vitamins The Most Efficient Way To Energize Your Brain And Body?

Do we need vitamins? Specifically IV vitamins?

Research shows that only 15% of Americans eat a balanced diet. In addition, we are constantly stressing our bodies on a daily basis. The constant push to be better both mentally and physically takes its toll over time leading to overworked bodily systems, particularly the immune system.
We are constantly on the go. We are not getting enough rest, sleep and not eating well enough to fuel our bodies for what we demand it to do.The immune system is affected and the body does not get the nutrients it needs to keep up.

We start to feel the effects:-
1. Constant lack of energy
2. Inability to concentrate or focus
3. Frequent viral illness
4. Aches and pains
Over time, this leads to illness and chronic disease.

What are the current options?
1. Oral supplements
2. IV vitamin drips
Because we are not able to fuel our bodies with the best nutrients through healthy eating habits and whole food due to lifestyle demands, we turn to oral health supplements to help us obtain the nutrients we need to fuel our engines. We start taking more supplements in the quest to feel better.

Is this the most efficient way to feed our body with the critical nutrient it needs?
Oral supplements are absorbed about 20% of its total intake at best, which means that 80% of it goes to waste. This does not take into account the preservatives and additives in poor quality supplements that we are consuming on a daily basis.
The more efficient way to fuel the body is through intravenous nutrient support, and through an IV vitamin push where 100% of the nutrients are absorbed. An IV push is more efficient because it allows for the delivery of a higher concentration of nutrients in the body to push it into the cells in the most effective manner.

The IV Vitamin push :-
1. Is FAST: Takes 5 minutes compared to a 30-60 min drip.
2. Is not diluted , and so it contains the most potent delivery method to enter the cells directly.
3. Is safe. Compounded in a Class 100 Clean Room by specially trained pharmacists.
4. Contains all B vitamins , amino-acids, magnesium and Acetyl- L-Carnitine : Critical nutrients your body needs to fuel your muscles, and brain. Other nutrients such as the “fat-burning” amino acids (MIC)  and glutathione can also be given to help with weight loss and to enhance the immune system.
IV nutrient support has made a huge difference in the way how I feel. I have been using it for a few months now and it has given me so much more mental and physical energy to do what I need to do.
It is now possible to fuel your body with the vitamins it needs the FASTEST, most effective and efficient way.
Doesn’t that just make a whole lot of sense?

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