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Wednesday, May 17 2017

Is Your Immune System Stressed?

Last week, we treated two patients at Ong Institute needing some additional “help” with their immune system .

Our first patient had a rash that started developing all over her body. She had seen a dermatologist several times, given antibiotics and treatment without any improvement for 2 weeks. I recognized the amount of stress that was going on in her life, and knew that her immune system had been compromised. We gave her a Vitamin IV push  and IV glutathione and within 12 hours her rash and began to subside and in 24 hours was 50% improved.

The second patient was battling multiple recurrent infections, and was recently “down” with another upper respiratory event feeling fatigue, and unwell taking some time off work. We also gave her the same treatment and within 24 hours was feeling remarkable better. These “success stories” are seen in our office every day- despite being a “plastic surgical ” office.

We are all constantly under stress and pushing our immune system to the limits. When we are starting to feel “sick” we grab the orange juice, Emergen-C and zinc in hopes to boost our immune system.  But few realize that the strongest and most power anti-oxidant that the body produces is glutathione. Dr Mark Hyman, a leader in functional medicine speaks about glutathione in this blog. 

It is truly a master oxidant, helping the body boost its immune system and tackle the toxins that are thrown at it every single day. Your body can create this product through  various ways , but this can be a slow process and may be inadequate at times of overall body “stress” . IV glutathione given in a push is a very efficient way to get this into your cells. When used together with phosphatidyl choline (PC) , the glutathione further crosses into the brain and helps with brain rejuvenation . When given with a Vitamin IV push or NAD therapy it can replenish the nutrients and her fuel your brain and body with the necessary raw ingredients to perform at your highest potential.

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