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Saturday, January 15 2022

What You Can Do After Labiaplasty to Heal Optimally

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Labiaplasty procedures have become more common in recent years as women have discovered the aesthetic, physical, and emotional benefits of this treatment. While we discuss labiaplasty as an aesthetic gynecology type of treatment, our patients gain much more than improved satisfaction with their appearance. They also feel more physically comfortable without the tugging, chaffing, and painful sex that they had been living with. And, as a result, their state of mind often improves significantly once they are freed of the burden of oversized labia. As a leading provider in women’s health procedures, Dr. Ong is often asked about labiaplasty recovery. Here, we discuss some of the ways that this brief period of swelling and tenderness can be managed.

Healing Well after Labiaplasty

    • Wear clothing that is loose and breathable. During the recovery period after labiaplasty, the surgical area may be more prone to irritation. Discomfort can be minimized and even prevented by wearing loose clothing that allows air to pass through fabrics and soothe the skin.
    • Freshen up. It is essential to keep the surgical area clean after labiaplasty. Our post-operative instructions will provide information regarding how to clean the vulva and apply appropriate cream or ointment to help prevent infection.
    • Refrain from sexual intercourse. Patients receive clear post-op instructions regarding restrictions of all kinds, including sexual intercourse. In most situations, this activity may resume after six weeks of healing. At that time, incisions should be healed well enough that minor tugging on the labia will not injure the skin.
    • Get a donut. A real donut pastry may feel comforting to some patients after undergoing surgery. The donut we’re talking about is the post-surgical donut pillow, though. Even though you may return to work five to seven days after your labiaplasty, you may start to experience some discomfort after a few hours of sitting. Placing the donut pillow beneath you, your surgical site does not experience the pressure it would in a normal seat.
    • Consider supplements for healing (after talking to your doctor). Supplements like bromelain and arnica are often beneficial to aid in tissue recover and the resolution of bruising.

Perhaps the very best thing a patient can do after labiaplasty is to simply rest and allow her body to repair itself. The downtime may bring more benefits than imagined. To learn more about labiaplasty and how Dr. Ong utilizes the latest RF technology to improve patient outcomes, contact our Scottsdale office at (480) 771-7771 .

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