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What is the Point of Customized Supplements?

Supplements such as vitamins and various herbs have been relatively popular for years. Many people grew up with the teaching that a daily multivitamin was a must to sustain excellent health. Alongside a well-balanced, low-sugar diet, supplementation offers significant benefits. How significant those benefits are, however, are dependent on a few factors. The factor that most are familiar with is the quality of the vitamin or supplement itself. Those with few, if any, fillers are ideal. The other factor, the one that often gets overlooked, is its suitability for the individual. It is no secret that optimal health requires good levels of various vitamins and minerals. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies have been associated with numerous symptoms, including poor sleep, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and headaches. To... continue reading >

What Is NAD and What Can It Do for You?

We hear of numerous different supplements that we “should” be taking these days. Collagen supports this. Peptides support that. It can all feel a little overwhelming. At Ong Institute for Plastic Surgery and Health, we want to discuss the issue of health and wellness in a way that leaves few questions, if any, other than when you can come visit us for a personalized assessment and planning to help you thrive. Here, we cover NAD, the coenzyme that assists with several physical and cognitive functions. NAD, Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, is present in every living cell in the body. It is perceived as a cornerstone of internal and neurological vibrancy because it assists with biological processes including: Mitochondrial function DNA repair Calcium signaling Gene expression Chromosomal... continue reading >

Ozone Therapy is Much More than It May Seem

Throughout modern history, we have used terms like “medical therapy” and “alternative therapy” when describing various methods of treating illness and disease. It’s safe to say that ozone therapy fits into the category of alternative therapy. As such, its clinical value may be overlooked. In her engagement with functional medicine, Dr. Ong has vetted several different modalities to promote health and wellness. Ozone therapy stands out and we want you to know why. Ozone Therapy is Not New Ozone was first discovered in the mid-1800s. The earliest recorded machine to make medical-grade ozone in the U.S. was patented by Nikola Tesla in 1896. This therapy was used during the First World War to facilitate blood flow, reduce inflammation, and disinfect wounds as well as clinical... continue reading >

Viral Infections: Thymosin Alpha-1 Peptide Therapy

Thymosin alpha-1 (Ta1) is a peptide originally isolated from thymus gland as the compound responsible for restoring immune function. Ta1 helps regulate the immune response. It enhances the Natural Killer (NK) system and stimulates the immune response by stimulating stem cells and augmenting the production of new immune cells. The immune system, now activated, then acts in concert to kill bacterial, fungal, or viral infections and tumor cells. It also improves the response to vaccines by stimulating antibody production. The Natural killer (NK) cell system is your body’s immune system that shows strong function against stressed cells such as tumor cells and virus-infected cells. NK cells are made for killing. They are constantly on patrol, looking for harmful cells that would like to take up... continue reading >

Why do people respond differently to a viral illness and what you can do to boost your immune system.

People may respond differently to a viral illness due to the current state of their immune system. They immune system is a complex system. It can be under-activated or over-activated. An overactive immune system can cause continued inflammation in the body and conditions such as auto-immune illnesses. Auto-immune illnesses such as Rheumatoid arthritis and Hasimotos thyroiditis are caused by the immune system being over-activated that it begins to loose sense of the "enemy” and its own tissue, and begins to attack its ownself. Under-activated immune systems are conditions were the immune response is depressed such as in patients with immune systems disorders caused by genetics, old age, or infections. A good example is HIV patients, where the immune cells are attacked by the virus and... continue reading >

Could a Myers Cocktail be Your Ticket to Vitality?

IV hydration therapy has become an integral aspect of functional and performance medicine in recent years. Adults of all ages are discovering the better way to supplement what they aren't getting from their normal dietary habits. Of the various customized IV drips that are made today, the Myers Cocktail is one of the most well-known. What is a Myers Cocktail? The Myers Cocktail is a nutritional formulation that delivers essential substances that are not naturally synthesized in the body. These include: Necessary fluids. A sterile saline solution provides the ideal base for optimal delivery of vital nutrients into the bloodstream. In addition to ushering vitamins and minerals into the blood, IV fluids also provide an intense boost of hydration. Vitamin B12. This essential vitamin supports... continue reading >

Nutritional IV’s Scottsdale & Phoenix, AZ

IV Therapy Can Support Your Immune System This Winter

The winter season in Scottsdale couldn't really be described as cold, not compared to Colorado or other mountainous regions. However, there is something about this time of year that brings out our vulnerability to the flu. There are several reasons this may be. According to research, the following factors may influence our chances of coming down with sniffles, congestion, and coughing over the holiday season. These include: It is believed that the influenza virus peaks in the winter months. This is why every pharmacy in town offers fast, convenient flu shots. Indoor heating. When the weather turns colder, we naturally want to warm our houses and offices. The central heating feels cozy, but it also dries out the air. Dry air dries out the nasal... continue reading >

Vitamin D Provides Value to Your Health

With statistics indicating an extended lifespan for most people in our country, there is a lot of attention directed at how to live well. Healthy eating, quality sleep, exercise, and supplementation are all facets of long-term vitality. The problem with the critical nutrients that we need is that they are somewhat difficult to get. Agricultural changes, GMOs, and climate change are just a few of the factors that have affected the quality of our foods. Due to the degradation of nutritional quality in produce, many people are turning to supplements to bridge the gap. This may only be a start. Multivitamins are commonly taken for convenience and perceived benefits. While this certainly is better than taking no supplements at all, a general multivitamin may not... continue reading >

What are peptides and why is copper so important in healing?

What are peptides? Peptides are normal signaling proteins produced by our own body to perform a particular function. Our bodies normally produce peptides! When we injure ourselves, our body produces peptides to direct the wound healing cells to start the healing process. It informs the cells to produce more collagen, improve blood flow and help with remodeling of the scar, for example. This is the NORMAL healing process. Another example of a peptide is insulin. When the blood sugar level in the body is high, our bodies increase insulin production to lower blood sugar. Important peptides that control healing We have incorporated several peptides into our post-surgical protocol to help accelerate healing. These peptides in combination:- Reduce inflammation and pain Work as antioxidants Stimulate collagen... continue reading >

Should Celery Juice be on Your Daily Menu?

Just a few years ago, juicing was a trend that was of interest to relatively few people. As time has passed, we’ve become much more aware of the value of living well. Studies indicate that we are living longer, so why not preserve the actual life in our many years? If you’ve been considering ways to support your body throughout your aging process, juicing may be a practice that has come across your path. Juicing oranges and apples doesn’t sound like much of a stretch, but celery? Yes. Here’s why. Thanks for four-time NY Times best-seller Anthony William, aka “Medical Medium,” there is a celery juice crazy sweeping the globe. Numerous celebrities, including Sylvester Stallone and Kim Kardashian, have jumped onto his bandwagon. Does that... continue reading >

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