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Advice from a friend: Meaningful ways to deal with breast cancer

A cancer diagnosis is something you can never prepare for. Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity through this unfortunate circumstance, meet and care for some amazing people. I have always wondered how women successfully deal with this devastating diagnosis. I reached out to my patients to get some answers. Here is great advice from a wonderful lady, Ginny, who has become a friend of the  Ong Institute for Plastic Surgery and Health. With Love From Ginny ”I hope that my comments below can touch the life of one of your patients. I am forever grateful that you have inspired me to move forward with my life.” Don’t be afraid to ask for help  I've always felt that I was someone who could get... continue reading >

Managing Side Effects of Your Cancer Treatment

How to Help Manage Side Effects of Your Cancer Treatment

When you are fighting cancer, the treatments that your doctor may prescribe can be tough on your body Chemotherapy works to destroy cells that divide rapidly.  As they are killing cancer cells, they are often destroying healthy cells too.  This damage to healthy cells can lead to side effects such as infection, nausea, and fatigue.Side effects can vary in intensity depending on the type of chemotherapy drug.  Fatigue is the most common side effect that people fighting cancer experience.  It is important to keep your doctors in the know.  It is a good idea to keep a journal of what you are experiencing so your doctor can offer help and guidance. Some things to jot down to discuss with your doctor would be: the date of... continue reading >

pre-pectoral breast reconstruction

What is Pre-Pectoral Breast Reconstruction?

Understandably, a woman’s mind may experience tailspin when she hears the words “breast cancer” uttered in her direction. Within the swarm of thoughts may be concern that mastectomy and breast reconstruction will be necessary. The first objective of care is to remove all indications of cancer. After recovery from the initial procedure, a woman is better able to ascertain her choices in restoring the desired shape to her breasts. There are numerous techniques to facilitate breast reconstruction after mastectomy. No single procedure is right in every situation. This is why it is important to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is familiar with the nuances of reconstructive surgery. Here, we will discuss the value of pre-pectoral breast reconstruction. Where Convention May Fall Short A... continue reading >

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